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7/23/12 – The Dark Knight Rises

The Weekend Elite Force Podcast ( Alittle Late)
Back as Walkie and Mindwipe Returned as They
are Joined By Their Good Friend Sean Wirges
as The Three Look at what is Going on in te
News in the Grand World of Sci- Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Walkie Reviews The Dark Knight Rises
.Biel Drops Out of “The Wolverine”
.”Iron Man 3″ Villain Confirmed
.University offers course on how to
be professional alien hunter
.Matt Smith may have revealed when
he’ll be leaving Doctor Who
.Walkie, Mindwipe and Sean Talk about
What they Thought of The New Stuff that
Has Came to Star Trek Online with Season
6 and should new Players Join in

All This
On The Weekend
Elite Force Podcast



Stargate Universe Meets ‘The Deer Hunter’

Get your first look at Monday’s all new episode on Syfy


Bana Vies For Vampire Hunter Role

Eric Bana, Star Trek XI‘s Romulan Nero, is in contention for the role of a famous U.S. President, and one who hunts vampires.

If all goes well with his meeting with director Timur Bekmambetov, Bana would play Abraham Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the film version of Seth Graham-Smith‘s novel.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was written as a “biography of Lincoln based on ‘secret diaries’ he kept.” The diaries were given to the author by a vampire who taught Lincoln how to hunt and kill vampires after saving Lincoln’s life as a teen when the young Abe battled a vampire.

Bana’s height works in his favor as a potential Lincoln. He is a rare tall leading actor; at 6’3″ he is only an inch shorter than Lincoln was.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is scheduled to be released on June 22, 2012.