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9/16/13 – The Walking Dread


Hollywood Crap is Running Wild
But Watch Out as Heres Comes
The Rasputin.

The Weekend EFP is Back

On This Episode:
.Peter Davison confirms we’ll see him in Who’s 50th-anniversary ep
.Hugh Jackman: ‘Days of Future Past could be last Wolverine outing
.Fourth Jurassic Park film to be called Jurassic World
.Justin Bieber hints at Batman vs Superman role?
.Also The Hosts Listen to Voice Mail from Ashley from The Whole Indy Show
and an E-Mail from Admiral Q

Wtach Out for The Walking Dread on
This The Weekend Elite Forec Podcast.



12/20/12 – Do you Know what I know??


Could this be the very last episode
of The Elite Fore Podcast???
If you think so then id like to ask
you a question. What color is the
sky in your world??

Everybody Settledown!!!
Its time for another midweek efp.

Stories covered this week

.Pine Reveals Eve’s Character
.Bryan Singer confirms Hugh Jackman for
X-Men: Days Of Future Past
.Nasa’s New Prototype Space Suit Makes
Astronauts Look Like Buzz Lightyear
.Jamie Foxx talks Electro
.A Special Comment.

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