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Takei On What’s Trending

In the second episode of What’s Trending, a new Web series from CBS News, George Takei joined Chris Hardwick (Ministry of Laughs, Web Soup) and host Shira Lazar in a discussion on trending news stories for the week.

Topics of discussion included Lady Gaga, the rapture that didn’t happen, the tornado in Joplin, Missouri, planking, the zombie apocalypse and the “don’t say gay” Tennessee bill.

Seventeen-year-old social activist Devon Hicks appeared live on What’s Trending to discuss why he started the #itsokaytosaygay hashtag. Hicks is not gay himself, but found it disturbing to see how gays in his school were treated, and  he was also appalled by the Tennessee “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Takei explained his “It’s OK to be Takei” campaign. “The way you fight it [bigotry] is with humor,” he said. “That’s a powerful weapon. And since my surname Takei rhymes with gay, I’ve suggested that we replace the use of the word gay…with Takei, as in Takei marriage.”

Another trending story concerned planking, the newest craze where a person lies face down, with arms close to the body, in unusual public spaces and has the deed photographed. The term planking was coined in Australia, and the fad is now world-wide.

Hardwick discussed the recent case where planker Acton Beale fell to his death while trying to plank on a seventh floor balcony in Australia. He then proceeded to show George Takei what planking was, climbing up on the couch behind Takei to demonstrate how to properly plank.


Stewart Misbehavior Explained

Sir Patrick Stewart has explained why he picked a fight with Glamour Awards ceremony host James Corden last year.

Stewart was supposed to be onstage to present an award to Zoë Saldana for Film Actress of the Year, but although he presented the award, Stewart was more interested in verbally lashing Corden, much to the embarrassment of Saldana, as reported here.

Corden was lectured by Stewart on his appearance and behavior onstage. Their verbal altercation continued even after Saldana received her award.

“From where I was sitting, I could see your belly,” Stewart snapped at Corden. “And that was from right over there at the back of the room…One more, do you want one more? If you fancy the Jonas Brothers, cover your belly.”

Stewart regrets the incident now, saying that he was “out of control.” “My part of the evening came late,” he said, “and it was alcohol [that prompted the remark], I’m afraid. I went too far, I was somewhat out of control. I have nothing but admiration for Mr. Corden. I still blush in remembrance of it.”


Trek Actors On Shatner’s Raw Nerve Tonight

Star Trek fans take note; William Shatner will be interviewing two Star Trek actors tonight on Shatner’s Raw Nerve.

Trek fans are in for a double treat, as the original series’ Walter Koenig and Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s LeVar Burton will be the guests appearing on Shatner’s Raw Nerve tonight.

According to the official website, “Emmy Award-winning actor and producer, LeVar Burton has a raw conversation with host William Shatner about race. Burton talks about his first and most powerful role in Roots, his infatuation with sci-fi and how his passion for teaching children has been achieved through Reading Rainbow.”

Burton’s episode airs at 10 PM this evening on the Bio Channel. A preview can be seen here.

Immediately after, at 10:30 PM, Koenig will be the guest on Shatner’s Raw Nerve. “Host William Shatner reunites with original Star Trek actor Walter Koenig for a heated conversation. The two actors reminisce about incidents that happened on the set and Koenig confronts Shatner on the reasons why the secondary actors of Star Trek have disliked him for the past thirty years.”

The preview for this episode can be seen here.

For those who don’t have the Bio Channel, past episodes are on the website. Readers who missed the recent Scott Bakula appearance can view that episode by heading here.


3/5/11 – The Return to The Rasputin


As The Weekend Comes again The Elite Force Podcast Returns as Walkie Welcomes
Back His Friend and Co-Host Mindwipe To The Podcast After Taking Some Time Off
and With The Weekend Here Walkie and Mindwipe Takes a Look Into the News in
The World of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.MGM In Talks With Jose Padilha To Direct ‘Robocop’ Reboot
.SGU writers hoping for movies
.Lane Cast in “Superman”
.Michelle Rodriguez: ‘Avatar 2′ to go underwater
.’Torchwood’ Recruits Former ‘Ghostbuster’
.Anyone Can Die In ‘Torchwood’

Also Walkie Gives More Info on the New Elite Force Podcast E-mail and Next Weeks
6th Ever Sci-Fi Music Tribute Show


Bakula To Appear On Shatner’s Raw Nerve

Two former Star Trek captains will be together when Scott Bakula is interviewed on Shatner’s Raw Nerve next week.

On Monday, February 28 at 10:30 PM on the Bio Channel, Golden Globe-winner Scott Bakula joins host William Shatner on Shatner’s Raw Nerve.

According to the promo for the show, “Shatner talks to Bakula about what it was like to break into the business at a young age, his time as a Broadway singer, and what an honor it was for him to play a role on the Star Trek: Enterprise series. Bakula speaks about his healthy lifestyle and how he’s implemented his philosophies into the raising of his sons.”

A preview for the Bakula episode can be seen here.


Shatner To Host Canadian Award Show

CBC Television and the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television announced that William Shatner will be hosting the 31st Genie Awards this spring.

The Genie Awards began in 1980 and are given annually to honor Canada’s film industry. Joining Shatner at this year’s ceremony will be Rachelle Lefevre (Barney’s Version), who will “act as the voice of the show.”

“We could not have asked for a more ideal person to host the 31st Annual Genie Awards and we can’t wait for William Shatner to bring his talent and charm to this year’s event,” said Kirstine Stewart, executive vice-president, English Services, CBC. “With an incredible collection of talented nominees, the biggest stars from the silver screen, special musical performances and the legendary William Shatner as host, the Genie Awards are going to be a night of celebration that Canadians nationwide won’t want to miss.”

“William Shatner is a beloved icon and a proud Canadian. We are absolutely thrilled that Mr. Shatner will be joining us at the Genie Awards to honor our country’s talent and to celebrate a phenomenal year in Canadian film,” said Sara Morton, CEO, Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television.”

This year’s ceremony will take place on March 10 at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and Canadians will be able to see the ceremony televised live by CBC.

Shatner was born and raised in Montreal.

In other Shatner news, Shatner will be bringing his Kirk, Crane & Beyond show to Brisbane, Australia on April 11 for one night. Shatner will share “anecdotes, lessons learnt and pearls of wisdom gathered from almost sixty years in show business.” He will be interviewed in an “informal couch chat” by a guest interviewer.

Kirk, Crane and Beyond will be held at the Concert Hall of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), with tickets ranging from $149 (Aus) to $350 (Aus), the latter being a VIP ticket that enables fans to attend a special meet-and-greet. More details can be found here.


Matt’s Smith’s hilarious 1st 2011 guest spot as Doctor Who

What do you do when you’re the host of the U.K.’s National Television Awards (think People’s Choice Awards), you’ve overslept and you’re late for your gig? Why, you get Doctor Who to take you back in time in his TARDIS, of course!


Early Conan O’Brien Influence? How About George Takei

New book reveals a startling fact about O’Brien’s development as a talk-show host

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6/26/10 – The British Invasion


OK  On this weekend edition of the Elite Force Podcast Walkie takes a break … and in his stead is a special guest host..

amongst todays discussions..:

  1. Ridley and Tony Scott working on new Avatar-like sci-fi film,
  2. Two more details about the upcoming 11-minute LOST epilogue
  3. A special 30 min interview with Chris Jones Gaming member Phoenix about the conclusion of Doctor Who Series 5, as well as an indepth overview of the brand new scifi game Transformers : War for Cybertron.
  4. finially finishing up with more news and an exclusive track from the Transformers game done by none other than Stan Bush himself.

Check it out today folks.. and be sure to leave feedback on Itunes.. Facebook, twitter and via Email… you know where to go 🙂


8/14/08 – Doctor Whos Music of Gold


This is The Last Elite Force Podcast from 08 on August 14th 2008
The Elite Force Podcast with host William Walker discusses the latest The the World of Sci Fi

In this Episode:
* A Tribute to Murray Gold and to all the Great works that he has done for Doctor Who