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Lookin Over The Silence Will Fall Arc

 John Hussey examines the development of the story arc from Series 5 up to Series 7.

‘Silence will fall’ has been a long, twisted and questionable story arc that has been running since the beginning of Steven Moffat’s reign as Head Writer. It has been a very interesting piece of storytelling, which has created an Read more …


Watch the trailer for Jason Momoa’s Bullet to the Head

Momoa plays the villain in the new Sylvester Stallone revenge movie.


New Set of Trek Potato Heads To Debut

Last month, TrekToday reported that a set of Mr. Potato Head figures of Kirk and Kor the Klingon would appear in August, and now a new set of Mr. Potato Heads will join that first set just in time for the holiday season.

The second set of Star Trek-themed Potato Heads will feature Mr. Spock and Lieutenant Uhura. This Potato Head set will be one of the first Potato Head sets to incorporate a new Potato Heads redesign.

All of the pieces used to customize the Potato Heads will be interchangeable, meaning that fans can also use pieces from the Kirk and Kor Potato Heads and from any future Star Trek Potato Heads to make their own unique character if they choose to do so.

The set will sell for approximately $30-$35. Further information, when available, can be seen at PPW Toys, where the first set of Kirk and Kor can still be ordered.

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Science Saturday: Discovery’s Final Flight (w/ Star Trek Music) + Soviet Space Sale + Head In Particle Accelerator + Anti-Shark Suit

Welcome once again to Science Saturday! This week: Space Shuttle Discovery blasts off for the last time (plus, Star Trek theme will play on board!), buy a 1961 Soviet space capsule, the man who survived a particle accelerator to the head, and how atomic oxygen can restore works of art. All this and more, plus […]


First look at Star Trek Mr. Potato Head; Kirk/Kor set releasing this summer

PPW Toys will release the first of several planned Star Trek-themed Mr. Potato Head toys this August. The first set will feature Kirk and the Klingon Kor. Click over the jump for more details including a closer look at the set.

For their first set, PPW Toys has opted to start off with Captain James T. […]

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Star Trek Potato Heads

For the young or the young-at-heart Star Trek fan, a new toy arriving this summer should prove to be popular.

Star Trek Mr. Potato Heads will be released in August, beginning with a Captain Kirk and the Klingon Kor set.

The first set “includes a variety of components to mix and match and is perfect for play or display!” The set will sell for $30.00 each and can be pre-ordered now.

Future sets will include characters such as Spock and Uhura, and may also feature original series equipment and or Enterprise components.

“Even though it’s taken a lot of time and hard work, this project is like a dream come true for me, speaking personally,” says Dean Gorby, PPW Toys’ business manager. “I grew up in the 70′s and TOS was my favorite show. So to work on a project like this is surreal.

“It was very important for us to base the first Star Trek Mr. Potato Head figures on TOS. Mr. Potato Head was created in 1952 and in the 60′s he grew more popular, so his history overlaps with TOS. Plus, it just seemed like the right fit; the ‘classic’ series works perfect with this ‘classic’ toy character.”

Those wishing a sneak peek can see the Star Trek-themed Mr. Potato Head figures at the New York Toy Fair next month.


Page: Designing Klingons

Head creature designer Neville Page would like to work on Klingons, if he returns for Star Trek XII.

Page hopes to be part of Star Trek XII, due to his good experience on Star Trek XI. “I don’t know what the plan is with Star Trek,” he said. “I hope that it happens and I would love to, but it’s almost not about working on that movie again. It was such a treat to work with J.J. [Abrams], work with that cast. Having worked as close as I did with the cast, which is kind of rare that it happens with a concept designer. And then having been a Romulan with Eric [Bana] was just great.”

If Page could work on Klingons, he’s not quite sure what he would do with them, but he would like to make them realistic, with a backstory for them. “Truly, I couldn’t tell you what I would change or this is what it would look like,” he said. “Not because I’m not allowed to but because I’m not even there yet mentally. But my approach would be to try and come up with something that’s a unique look but is still a Klingon obviously. Because I think if I did them really tall like say nine feet and instead of brown made them blue, I might get into a little trouble! But I would try think about them as real deal people — and I know other designers have — but really give them a history and a motivation. Understand why they’re dressed the way they are. Understand their rationale for long hair and facial hair. Make sense of those physical features which they typically have, which are the ridged foreheads.”

Klingons may not look alike, just as there is variation within humanity. “…there are different physiological ticks even in the Klingon world,” said Page. “Maybe they are all brown, but the ridges are the African ones, the fewer ridges are the Asian ones. I don’t know, but I always feel the necessity to justify and rationalize even if I can’t actually. It just gives me something to work from.”


4/1/2010 – The Sci-fi/Horror Connection


Hollywoods 2 Great Genres (Science fiction and Horror) has Has a Great Connection with a
List of some of the Great Movies of All Time and Thoes that is Just Bad it is not Funny
and Joing Walkie in this Ride are Neal , John and Troy From Without Your Head Horror Radio
and as The 4 Ghoulish Dudes go over these Franchises that has the Sci-fi/Horror Connection
.The Alien Series
.Alien vs. Predator Movies
.Hellraiser Bloodline
.Dracula 3000
.Jason X
.Star Trek: First Contact
.Doctor Who (The Impossible Planet” “The Satan Pit”)

Also The Gang Goes over the Fav (and Bad) Video games of the Genres and One Sci-Fi Board game that made one
Drop what he was doing and Start Playing :>)
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for anyone into Pro Wresthing at www.inyourheadonline.com


6/20/08 – Sci-Fi Top Ten


The Elite Force Podcast with host William Walker discusses the latest The the World of Sci Fi

In this Episode Along with Neal , John , and Troy From Without You Head (June 21th, 2008):
* The Gang go over the Top Ten Favorite Sci Fi Movies of all Time
* Also Paying Tribute to Stan Winston
So Sit Back and ENjoy the Over 3 Hours of Madness that Only William and The WYH Gang can do

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