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Hulk TV Show "On Hold"

Remember that new TV version of the Hulk that was being developed by Guillermo del Toro?


Del Toro Adapting "The Strain" Novels for FX

Guillermo del Toro’s best-selling novel series The Strain has been optioned by FX. Del Toro, who co-wrote the trilogy of vampire novels with Chuck Hogan, will develop the project with Lost producer Carlton Cuse.


11/23/11 – Happy Thanksgiving!!


The Midweek Elite Force Podcast On This Thanksgiving
Week as Chuck W was Joined by Walkie as They Have Alot
of Things to be Thankfull for as They Take a Look at
some of the News Going on in the World of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Looking for the best way to survive the coming zombie apocalypse?
.Rumor of the Day: Ellen Page joins TDKR as the future Batgirl
.Now it’s official: Cronenberg’s Fly sequel is dead
.Nolan Reveals “Rises” Details
.Michael Fassbender’s Prometheus role: Less Alien, more Blade Runner
.Guillermo del Toro is giddy about his monsterfest Pacific Rim

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