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Colin Morgan on Doctor Who

Before he shot to fame as Merlin, Colin Morgan made a guest appearance on Doctor Who in fan favourite Series 4 episode, <a href="http://doctor Read more …


The Case for… Utopia

Guest contributor Samuel Rahaman makes the case for the Series 3 episode.

While ‘Utopia’ is not as widely panned in the Docto Read more …


What’s next for River in 2013?

Guest contributor Liam Duke speculates on what’s coming up next for River Song.

“When one&#82 Read more …


The Case For… The Doctor’s Daughter

Guest contributor Patrick Kavanagh-Sproull makes the case for the Series 4 episode.

The idea of the Doctor’s family has Read more …


Who Mysteries: Lifespan of the Doctors

How long does the Doctor spend per incarnation? Guest contributor Gustaff investigates…

Recently contributor Thomas Capon examined the Doctor� Read more …


The Case for… The Long Game

Guest contributor David Selby makes the case for the Series 1 episode.

After the action-packed yet touching tale of <a title="106. Dalek" href="http://docto Read more …


The Lost Stories: Part 1 – The Colin Baker Years

Guest contributor William Atkinson takes a look at the lost Colin Baker stories.

To the newer fans of Who, it will perhaps come as a surprise to discover that Doctor Who has been cancelled twice. Of course, cancelling a show that has so much forward planning means that there are an awful lot of unmade and underdeveloped Read more …


New Who’s Best Resolutions

Guest contributor Caleb Howells ponders, what’s the best resolution to an episode of Doctor Who?

One thing I find particularly noteworthy about Doctor Who is the fact that the resolutions are generally very brilliant. After watching more and more TV, I’ve come to the conclusion that I rarely see a climax to an Read more …


The Case For… Fear Her

Is the Series 2 episode as bad as many make out? Guest contributor Patrick Kavanagh makes the case.
</ Read more …


A Veteran of The Last Great Time War

Guest contributor Martin Backman looks at the effect of the Time War on the Doctor.

There have so far been eleven (canonical) Read more …