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10/23/11 – it’s Good To Be a Gamer


This Weekends Elite Force Podcast is taking a trip
into The Video Gaming World as Walkie along with
Phoenix, Chris Jones and Gamer Glo from The
On The Air TV Vlogging site Give Their top 5 Favorite
Sci- Fi Games that they have enjoyed from the days of the
Atari 2600 to Flash Games and to the X-Box 360

Also Walkie and Phoenix Talk Upcoming 3rd Show that is
Coming soon to The EFP family Called Grumpy Old Gamers
and what you can look forward to with the New Show

So Sit back and enjoy and over 2 hours of Great Gaming
Talk from Walkie, Nix, Chris and Glo and the Fun Debate
of Mario: Love or Hate

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9/25/10 – Metroid Other M Review


Things Don’t go the way as plan but The Elite Force Podcast Ruturns as Walkie Flys Solo
for the Weekend and Walkie is Geeking Out again as he Reviews Metroid Other M
and asking did it live up to the Hype and if it was the Best Wii Game of the Year and
Adding on the The Legend of Medroid..also With Under a Week Away untill WWE Smackdown
Jumps to SyFy Walkie breings Last though on the Move and if its good to Fans of Wrestling and
to Fans of Sci-Fi and also marking the Death of the Prue Sci-Fi Network in the US

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Doctor Who: The Adventure Games to return for a second season
.Stargate Universe worldwide premiere dates!
.Exclusive: Resident Evil Star Joins V
.Survey: Experts Pick Star Trek As 2nd Best Brand To Return To TV
.Teri Hatcher Signs Up For ‘Smallville’
.Warehouse 13′ Connects With Audiences … Big Time