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Urban To Appear In Priest

Next month, the post-apocalyptic Priest will debut, featuring Star Trek XI‘s Karl Urban as the evil leader of the vampires.

Priest is the story of a world ravaged by war between humans and vampires.

According to Urban, Priest is more than just a vampire flick. “It’s a post-apocalyptic, futuristic, vampire western,” he said. “It’s about a man who chooses to go against the system, to walk away from his life and everything that he has worked and fought for in order to do what is morally right. That’s the heart of the film.”

Preparation for Priest included plenty of training for Urban. “…it was a massive physical undertaking,” said Urban. “Paul Bettany and I underwent extensive training for the fight and action sequences. Blood was drawn. We were fortunate to work with some extremely talented people whose job it was to make us look good.”

Urban enjoyed working on the movie. “It was fun,” he said. “I had a really great time working with Paul,” he said. “He’s a professional. He’s very charismatic, witty, and a real gentleman. Even when I accidentally crushed his fingers while shooting the epic train fight.”

Priest opens in the U.K. on May 11th and in the U.S. two days later.


Stewart Misbehavior Explained

Sir Patrick Stewart has explained why he picked a fight with Glamour Awards ceremony host James Corden last year.

Stewart was supposed to be onstage to present an award to Zoƫ Saldana for Film Actress of the Year, but although he presented the award, Stewart was more interested in verbally lashing Corden, much to the embarrassment of Saldana, as reported here.

Corden was lectured by Stewart on his appearance and behavior onstage. Their verbal altercation continued even after Saldana received her award.

“From where I was sitting, I could see your belly,” Stewart snapped at Corden. “And that was from right over there at the back of the room…One more, do you want one more? If you fancy the Jonas Brothers, cover your belly.”

Stewart regrets the incident now, saying that he was “out of control.” “My part of the evening came late,” he said, “and it was alcohol [that prompted the remark], I’m afraid. I went too far, I was somewhat out of control. I have nothing but admiration for Mr. Corden. I still blush in remembrance of it.”


Stargate fans organize Save SGU campaigns

Syfy Channel may have cancelled Stargate Universe, but fans aren’t letting the show go down without a fight.


Urban Finds RED Brawl Painful

A fight scene in RED between Karl Urban and Bruce Willis resulted in consequences for Urban.

The scene featuring Urban and Willis began with Urban picking up Willis, throwing him across the room and smashing pieces of furniture. “That was a good day at the office,” said Urban about the fight scene, which actually took three weeks of training and ten days of shooting. “Bruce and I went for it, and it was no-holds-barred, and he gave as good at he got.”

But Urban discovered that the fight left him damaged. “I had to do six weeks” of physical therapy, Urban said. “It wasn’t until I began to demand a high level of performance from my body, that I realized, ‘Oh my gosh, my spine is completely out of alignment.’

“It turned out that some of the vertebrae in my neck were crushed. I had a swollen shoulder tendon (and) some deep tissue issues behind my (shoulder blade). That was all a result of the fight.”

But what about Willis? “I think Bruce came out all right,” said Urban, “so I’m certainly forwarding the bills to Bruce.”