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William Shatner Wants To Know Your Favorite Star Trek Captain Scenes For ‘Captains’ Doc

William Shatner is currently finishing his documentary "The Captains" featuring Bill talking to Star Trek’s other captains. Tonight he has taken to social media to ask fans for help with the doc, specifically in identifying their favorite…


Watch: Damon Lindelof Lists Favorite Movies + Advice For Hollywood Hopefuls

A new video featuring Damon Lindelof gives an insight into the mind behind Lost, Star Trek and the next Alien movie. Lindelof has made a video talking about his six favorite films, explaining why each one of them are important to him personally and as a storyteller. Plus in another video, Lindelof offers his […]


6/20/08 – Sci-Fi Top Ten


The Elite Force Podcast with host William Walker discusses the latest The the World of Sci Fi

In this Episode Along with Neal , John , and Troy From Without You Head (June 21th, 2008):
* The Gang go over the Top Ten Favorite Sci Fi Movies of all Time
* Also Paying Tribute to Stan Winston
So Sit Back and ENjoy the Over 3 Hours of Madness that Only William and The WYH Gang can do

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