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New Who’s Best Resolutions

Guest contributor Caleb Howells ponders, what’s the best resolution to an episode of Doctor Who?

One thing I find particularly noteworthy about Doctor Who is the fact that the resolutions are generally very brilliant. After watching more and more TV, I’ve come to the conclusion that I rarely see a climax to an Read more …


Your Preferred Series Format is…

Last week we asked you to vote for which series format under Steven Moffat’s reign you have preferred so far. The results are now in and things were fairly split overall.

3. Series 7 (26%)

Your least preferred format was in fact Series 7. Based on the comments, whilst many of you welcomed the blockbuster-style approach, Read more …


Stewart Promises Fans Will Like "Breaking Dawn" Ending

While the ending for Breaking Dawn, Part Two will be different from the original novel, actress Kirsten Stewart promises that fans won’t mind. In fact, she predicts they’ll like the changes and the new ending to the epic vampire romance saga.


Scott Bakula reveals there were plans for Enterprise movies

When Enterprise started airing in 2001, no one thought the show would be cancelled four years later. In fact, the original plan, before things went bust, was that Enterprise would be the next Star Trek movie franchise following in the footsteps of the…


Early Conan O’Brien Influence? How About George Takei

New book reveals a startling fact about O’Brien’s development as a talk-show host

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