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12/31/12 – A Brand New Year


With the Year of 2012 Coming to a End. Walkie and Mindwipe Take a
Look Back at Some of This Past Years News Storys and Funny Moments
From The Midweek and Weekend Elite Force Podcast. From The Fun of the
Teenage alien Ninja Turtles Controversy to Star Trek vs. Star Wars
and The Rants from Walkie,Chuck W and Mindwipe.

Enjoy This 3 Hour Look Into the Great Moments of 2012 from the
Elite Force Podcast



Tennant on “I don’t want to go”

It’s hard to believe, but the approaching New Year will mark three years since David Tennant’s regeneration in the concluding half of The End of Time.

In a recent interview Tennant has reflected on his time as the Doctor and his final line.

<p Read more …


Has the Doctor become too human?

Guest contributor Elliot Thorpe examines.

Everybody everywhere towards the end of Series 6 knew Read more …


The Case for… The End of Time

Adam James Cuthbert makes the case for the tenth Doctor’s final story.

Although the Tenth Doctor wasn’t my first, through the combination of Read more …


The Case for… The End of the World

Guest contributor David Selby thinks the Series 1 episode deserves another look.

The End of the World was the Ninth Doctor and Rose’s second story. Read more …


Where did the Ponds end up?

Arthur Darvill has revealed what he thinks happened to Amy and Rory after they were sent back in time by the Weeping Angels in The Angels Take Manha Read more …


Will "Sherlock" End After Series Three

The series has been wildly successful and helped launch the careers of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman into the stratosphere.


Karl Urban Ready For ‘Fun & Play’ On Star Trek Sequel at ‘End Of The Year’

Like his fellow Star Trek co-stars, Karl Urban doesn’t seem to know much about the 2012 sequel, but appears ready to get back to play, talking about how much fun he expects to have and his faith in the creative team in a new interview. Excerpts b…

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Mack: Writing For Star Trek

Author David Mack explains the freedoms and restrictions when it comes to writing Star Trek novels.

A fan since the original series syndication days, Mack came out of film school hoping to write for Star Trek: The Next Generation. “I hit a lot of obstacles,” he said. “[Editor] John [Ordover] gave me a copy of the writers’ guidelines for the novels. I went home, read them, realized my proposal-in-progress violated every instruction on the page, and decided not to waste John’s time with it. He appreciated this gesture so much that we became friends.”

The friendship led the two to team up and pitch story ideas to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, where Mack co-wrote two episodes, Starship Down and It’s Only a Paper Moon. Eventually, Mack began writing for the Star Trek: S.C.E. eBook series. “After my 2003 short novel Wildfire became an eBook bestseller and critical success,” said Mack, “I was invited by John Ordover to write a pair of TNG novels for his nine-part A Time To miniseries event. Those were my first direct to paperback novels, A Time to Kill and a Time to Heal, the latter of which became a USA Today bestseller.”

Writing for Star Trek means making sure not to violate the canon, established in the television series and movies. “[Canon] is the primary product upon which all official licenses tie-in products – books, comics, games, merchandise, etc. – are based and with which they must be consistent,” said Mack. “This is the official decree of the Star Trek licensing office at CBS Television Consumer Products, which currently owns and controls all things related to Star Trek. Their word is law. End of story.”

That doesn’t mean authors don’t have freedom to be creative. They have much more freedom with their own original non-canon characters, and even with minor characters from canon Star Trek. “For instance, the S.C.E. eBooks used several characters from the TNG television series, including Sonya Gomez (Samaritan Snare, Q Who) and Kieran Duffy (Hollow Pursuits),” said Mack. “Because they were both minor characters, who never appeared again after their brief guest stints, the writers of the S.C.E. novellas had great freedom to change (and in my case, end) these characters’ lives.”

Mack has recently signed a deal to write four more Star Trek novels, which will be published next year.

The entire interview can be seen here.

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Note From Walkie

(Walkie)Due to Both Family Issuse and Skype Being Down The Elite Force Podcast Year End Party Clip Show Has Been Postponed
To Aournd The New Year But I Plan to A Short Christmas Show That will be up on Christmas Day For all to Listen to at The Main Site
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Sorry for this to happen but Stay Tune to the Site as The EFP Specials Come around