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DWM #455: Bumper Christmas Issue

The cover for issue #455 of Doctor Who Magazine has been revealed. The bumper 100-page Christmas edition is out next Thursday (13 December) and, unsurprisingly, Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman are the cover stars.

The mag features a preview of The Snowmen and an interview with Jenna-Louise Coleman. It also comes wi Read more …


11/22/12 – 450 Million Turkeys


Here to give you some SciFi news
as you eat your Turkey and stuffing.
Its another edition of the Midweek EFP

Stories covered this week

.Holy $#@!—did Curiosity just find evidence of life on Mars?
.Sean Connery would have earned HOW MUCH if he’d played Gandalf?
.Pacific Rim writer teases del Toro’s HUGE robots-vs.-monsters trailer
.Rumor of the Day: Zachary Quinto to quit Spock after Trek sequel

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Happy Thanksgiving From The Elite Force Podcast


Weird & Wonderful Special: Pond Tributes

Weird and Wonderful returns with a special edition this week. Due to the amount of Pond tributes submitted both for our competition and for the column itself, this week’s will is entirely dedicated to the Ponds.

By Daniel Read more …


Science Saturday: Easter Egg Chemistry & Robots + Commercial Spaceships + Underground Telescope + Binary-Star Flora + Sunspot Evolution + more

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Science Saturday. Celebrate the vernal equinox with the chemistry of Cadbury Creme Eggs, peer beyond the Big Bang with an underground telescope, imagine life on alien worlds, see the latest from SDO solar obs…


New Mondo Trek Poster To Debut

Fans of the Mondo Star Trek posters will be pleased to hear that a new one, based on one of the favorite episodes of the original series, will be released tomorrow .

Created by Dan McCarthy, The City on the Edge of Forever poster will make its debut at some point tomorrow at a random time during the day.

The City on the Edge of Forever will be limited to an edition of 325. The poster, hand-numbered and printed by D&L Screen Printing, measures 12″ by 24″ and will cost $40 (plus shipping).

The Mondo website can be found here. But to make sure to get a copy before the posters sell out, follow @MondoNews on Twitter where the release will be announced when it happens.


Science Saturday: Comet Flyby + Baldness Cure + Real Med-Tricorder + Bionic Contacts + more

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Science Saturday (still happily living in its new time slot). This week: fly by Comet Temple 1 with Stardust, scan your skin Trek-style, cure bald captains of the future, and pretend to travel to Mars with Mars500. All this and more plus our gadget of the week: electronic […]


Science Friday: Arsenic Life Controversy + Piccard’s Solar Plane + Real Sonic Screwdriver + Commercial NASA Launch + more TrekMovie in Antarctica

Welcome back to another Antarctic edition of Science Friday. But, before you travel south, learn about why NASA’s new arsenic-based life form may not be real, hear the latest on Captain Piccard’s solar plane, and get your own sonic screwdriver. All this and more, plus last week’s Antarctica questions answered as well as some new […]


Pine Heading For The Top

Chris Pine, Star Trek XI‘s Captain Kirk, is one of a handful of “hot, young Hollywood lights” who are on tap to replace old guard box office stars.

Pine, who can be seen on the cover of the second weekly edition of the Hollywood Reporter, is one of a new “A-list” which includes Taylor Lautner, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, Jeremy Renner, Shia LaBeouf, Taylor Kitsch, Sam Worthington and another Star Trek XI actor, Chris Hemsworth.

“We need these kids desperately,” said a studio producer. “And there happens to be a crop of five or six of them that are actually filling the role.”

For actors like Pine, the rise in status gives them more opportunity to choose the roles they want. “To have just a bit more power to say yes and no is very appealing and intoxicating,” said Pine.

“I look at Clooney or Matt Damon,” said Pine. “Hopefully, being in movies that are more commercially minded allows you to pick stuff that maybe won’t appeal to everybody but for whatever reason satisfies something in your soul that you need to say.”


Library Computer: Review of Haynes Star Trek USS Enterprise Owners Manual

In this installment, the Library Computer investigates the latest edition to the Star Trek technical guide family, the illustrated Haynes "U.S.S. Enterprise Owners’ Workshop Manual". By the time you study this book, you’ll not only know the difference between a phase inducer and a plasma phase regulator, but you’ll know how to perform preventative and […]


Science Saturday: Volcano Eruptions + Pickle Comet + Parallel Universes + Everest Cellphones + more

This week, on a late edition of Science Saturday, experience volcanic eruptions around the world, spot a pickle-shaped comet, make a call to Mount Everest, and discover parallel universes. All this and more, plus our gadget of the week: epic iPhone costume!

Big Week for Volcanoes: Merapi, Klyuchevskoy, Shiveluch Erupt
This week, news outlets were overflowing with […]