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Eccleston Hinting at 50th Return?

David Tennant has been dropping enough hints lately to suggest that a 10th Doctor return could be on the cards for the 50th anniversary. But what about his predecessor, Christopher Eccleston?

Eccleston distanced himself from the show after leaving the role of 9th Doctor due to <a title="Eccleston On Why He Left Doctor Who" href="http:/ Read more …


7/1/11 – A Dark of The Mood


On This Very Late Midweek Elite Force Podcast Mindwipe Filled in
For Walkie as Mindwipe who was in a Very Happy Mood Checks In to
Look at the News going on in the World of Sci-Fi to Update u all on
Also This is The Last Midweek Show as the Midweek Show is going to
be on Break But Stay Tune to the Weekend Show as Walkie will have more

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Mindwipe Review The New Transformers Dark of The Moon
.Green Lantern sequel in the works whether you want one or not
.’Star Trek’,’ Star Wars Composer Fred Steiner Dies, 88
.’Torchwood’ To Feature Motion Comic App For Smart Phones
.Eccleston Joining “Game of Thrones”?

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