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7/2/12 – Happy Monday


For The 1st Time Ever The Elite Force Podcast
Comes to you on Mondays as Walkie and Mindwipe
Returns Along with Good Friend and Head of
The Chris Jones Gaming Network Chris Jones
as They Look at what is Going on in the News
from the World of Sci-Fi

On This Episode:

.Is There Television In Star Trek’s Future?
.Who’s the New Highlander?
.The Gang is Join By Phoenix as he Gives Somes
News about the Upcoming Season 6 of
Star Trek Online
.”Doctor Who” Season Premiere Title Revealed
.Also The Gang Reads E-mails from
Chris Husk and Rosstifer

All This on The
Monday Elite Force Podcast


6/24/12 – Once More Into The Breach


Summer Has Arrived, Mindwipe Loses Power,
Walkie goes it Alone Sit Back and Relax
The Weekend Elite Force Podcast
is Here

This weekends headlines:

.TDKR producer ‘cannot imagine a world’ in
which Nolan would return
.Zimmer To Score Another Super Hero Epic
.”Barberella” Headed to Television
.Hoping for new Star Trek: TNG? Then you’re
about to get your wish
..Walkie Reads E-mails from Admiral Q
and Chris Husk

Once More Into The Breach
on The Weekend EFP


5/6/12 – What????


On a Week Where Big Spoilers is now
confirm over The Upcoming Star Trek
Movies as On This Weekend Elite Force
Podcast as Walkie and Mindwipe Returned
Takes a Look at What Is Going on in the
News In The Grand World of Sci-Fi.

Amongst This Episode Discussions

. Major Star Trek Sequel Spoilers
. “Prometheus” Will Be Released “Uncut”
. Star Trek Fans to Launch Kirk & Picard to Edge of Space
. Brad Bird to direct Damon Lindelof-scripted 19i-fi project ‘1952’
. Composer Joel Goldsmith Dead at 54
. The Hosts Reads E-mails from Listerns Mike Pringle and
The Canadian Barbarian Chris Husk
. Also Walkie Talks about a Upcoming Theme Show

Be On The Look out for Khaaaaaan
On The Latest
Episode of The Weekend
Elite Force Podcast