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3/15/13 – Jedi Rock


Finally The Rock has come back
to Coruscant!!

Its time for another
Midweek EFP!

Stories covered this week

.Dwayne Johnson making BIG push to be in Abrams’ Star Wars VII
.Damon Lindelof: Why Cumberbatch’s Trek identity MUST be kept secret
.Look out, J.J., Bryan Singer wants to direct Star Trek!
.CONFIRMED: Dave Bautista Is ‘Drax’ In Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

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5/27/12 – Hollywood Gone Mad


With The 200th Episode Next Week The Weekend
Elite Force Podcast Returns This Weekend
as Walkie and Mindwipe Returned as they Look
At This Weekends News That is Going On In The
World of Sci-Fi and Wondering What in the World
is going on with Hollywood

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Matt Smith Carries the Flame for the Games
.”Iron Man 3″ Gets Budget Increase
.Syfy Cancels ‘Sanctuary’ After Four Seasons
.Dwayne Johnson for Lobo
.Enchantress in Thor 2
.Ant-Man imminent
.Ms Marvel may take flight
.”G.I. Joe: Retaliation” Pushed Back
.Mindwipe Talks about a Movie that Should be
Saw and Why it should get the Love
.Mindwipe and Walkie Look at Upcoming
TV Movie that Makes Them Wonder Why
.Aslo The Hosts Look at a Email from
Mike Pringle about a British Sci-Fi

all This on This Jam
Packed Episode of
The Weekend
Elite Force Podcast