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The Writers of Yesterday (The RTD Era)

Guest contributor Patrick Kavanagh looks at the ones that got away.

Since the revival of Doctor Who in 2005, many writers have graced our screens. Some have written great episodes, others have written poorer ones. Russell T Davies in his era gave us some truly brilliant episodes. Throughout his rein though he had dozens Read more …


DWM #453: Gillan’s Final Interview

Issue #453 of Doctor Who Magazine is out this Thursday and the cover has been revealed.

The mag features a ‘final interview’ with Karen Gillan who says: “Leaving Doctor Who is one of the saddest experiences I’ve ever had.”

The cover teases the ‘full line-up for the 2013 series.’

<p Read more …


Doctor Who: Weird and Wonderful

Weird and Wonderful is our look at the some of the other Doctor Who bits and bobs around the web that caught our attention over the last week or so. This week: Awesome Art; Doctor Puppet returns; Sesame Street Parody; 4-year-old reviews; Who Religion; Who Tunes.

The Doctor Puppet heads to Baker Street

<img class="alignnone si Read more …


10/7/12 – What are they Thinking ????


The Weekend Elite Force Podcast Is back
as Walkie and Mindwipe Are Asking What
in the World are they Thiking As They
Once again Look into what is Going on
in The World of Sci-Fi.

Stories covered this week

.Hulk TV Show “On Hold”
.NBC Extends “Revolution”
.Bryan Fuller: Don’t believe what you heard about Munsters reboot
.Walkie Reviews The 1st Issuse of
Star Trek: TNG – Hive Comic
.Mindwipe Reviews The Return of Red Dwarf
.Walkie Reviews of The Angels Take Manhattan
and The 1st Part of the New Season
.The Hosts Reads E-mails From Mike Pringle
and Admiral Q

You Can E-mail Walkie and Mindwipe at
[email protected]


"Doctor Who," The Angels Take Manhattan — A Slice of SciFi Review

I didn’t cry when Adric died. Nor did I cry when Rose Tyler left (the first time). (I was honestly a bit relieved since I’d wearied of her character and the multitudes who declared her the best companion ever…)

Sarah Jane Smith’s departure, while bittersweet, didn’t get me all misty-eyed.


Poll: Best Chibnall Doctor Who Story

Since 2005 Chris Chibnall has written four Doctor Who stories. From 2007′s 42 to last Saturday’s The Pow Read more …


Which Big Name Director Could Direct "Doctor Who"?

Oh sure, he’s got those little Middle Earth movies. But how about Peter Jackson stepping into the directing chair for a world-wide phenomenon about a guy traveling through space and time in a blue box?


Doctor Who: The Power of Three Advance Review

Reviewed at Cult Fix.


8/3/12 – Small Minds, Big Ideas

The Midweek EFP Returns!
Could Jurassic Park be a reality?
You wont beileve who is playing the villian
in Thor 2!

E-mail ChuckW at
[email protected]

Stories covered this week:

.Javier Bardem may be out of Dark Tower (but look who may be in!)
.The real reason Schwarzenegger didn’t appear in Total Recall reboot
.Billionaire rumored to be making a REAL Jurassic Park
.Thor 2 has found its villain—and he’s a Time Lord!
.”Ghostbusters 3″ Finally Happening Says Ackroyd
.Moffat Says “Doctor Who” Movie Will Happen–Just Not Yet


7/30/12 – Where is The Doctor??

This Weekends EFP Returned as Walkie
and Mindwipe Take a Trip into the
Time and Space in looking for The
Doctor as They Look into the News
that is going on into the World of

Walkie and Mindwipe Look at some News
Involding The Start Date of Season 7 of
Doctor Who and the Split Season that Has
Mindwipe Upset
.Which DC Hero Is Coming to SyFy?
.”Fringe” Shuts Down Production
.Walkie Reviews Star Trek: TNG/
Doctor Who: Assimilation2 Issuse #3
.Mindwipe Reviews The Blu-ray of
Star Trek TNG Season 1