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5/29/11 – Nothing New from the Force


Mindwipe and Walkie Returned For the Weekend Elite Force Podcast
As The Host Cover all the Top News thats Been Going on in the
World of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.The Master of the Star Wars World George Lucas is Looking
revolutionize motion picture…..Again Before a Star Wars
TV Show is going to happen Witch has Walkie and Mindwipe
Thinking what is going on inside The Mind of Lucas and The
Hosts Look at what Better Use he can do to Better Not Only
Star Wars but For Sci-Fi as a Whole.

.As Season 6 of Doctor Who is Coming to the Half Way Point
Walkie and Mindwipe Look at the News of Doctor Who and The
BBC Losing Executive Producer Piers Wenger and The Hosts
Look at his Work and what it Means for the Doctor Who.

.In what is Part 2 of what was talk about in the Midweek
Walkie and Mindwipe Welcome Baron Dixon for the 1st Ever
EFP Guest Monologue as Baron Talks about The State of the
Star Trek Franchise and what is Missing from the Franchise
and how the Abrams Crew need to use..

all This at this Weekend Elite Force Podcast

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7/14/10 – Sci-Fi Music Tribute Part 2


This Week on The Elite Force Podcast as Walkie Along with Guest Baron Dixon and Mindwipe
as they give you their Tribute to Sci-Fi Composers of Film and TV

On Part Two of This Show We Give Tribute to the Composers
Give Great Music to These Filmand TV Show

.Star Trek Insurrection
.Battlestar Galactica
.Our Man Flint
.Star Trek : The Next Generation
.Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith
and Capricorn One

so Enjoy as we Pay Tribute to the Composers that give Life music to the world of Sci Fi
and at the End of The Show Enjoy some of the Fun OUttakes that Happen