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11-25-12 – The Twilight Of the Force


The Plot Of the Disney/Star Wars Ep VII
May Look alittle Twilight As The Weekend
Elite Force Podcast Is Back For another
Trip into the World of Sci-Fi But Walkie
is Not Alone

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Pattinson Wants To Star in “Star Wars”
.Bird Won’t Direct “Star Wars”
.Zack Snyder confirms when we’ll see the Man of Steel trailer
.David Tennant can’t stop hinting about Who 50th-anniversary return
.Mindwipe gives his Views on Season 7 of Star Trek Online
.They Read an E-mail from Paul Rasmussen

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Hipster Disney Princesses

What if the Disney princesses were hipsters?


"Wreck It Ralph" Trailer Released

A new longer look at Disney’s Wreck It Ralph has been released.


6/17/12 – A Reboot on Hold


Walkie And Mindwipe Returns This Weekend
as on This Weekends EFP They Look at what
is going on in the News in the World of Sci-Fi

This weekends headlines:

.Which Reboot Has Paramount Put the Brakes On?
.Which Classic “Who” Monsters Could Return Next Year?
.Rumor of the Day: Marvel’s plan to make Avengers the #1 movie ever
.What Other Connection Did Kirk Share With Khan?
.Will Blu-Ray Be Obsolete in Four Years?
.Walkie and Mindwipe Reads and responds to an E-mail from Admiral Q

Reboots and More Reboots on
The Weekend Elite Force Podcast

Happy Fathers Day From Us At The Elite Force Podcast


10/2/11 – Confidential


Walkie and Mindwipe Returned This Weekend as The Weekend
Elite Force Podcast Returned to the Airwaves to Cover Some
of The Top News Stories Going on in The World of Sci-Fi with
Lots of News Going of some upcoming Sci-Fi Movies and TV

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Doctor Who Confidential axed by BBC
.Jessica Chastain joins Tom Cruise sci-fi film
.Green Lantern’ Writer to Script ‘Time Zones’ Sci-Fi Flick for Disney
.Carter Headed Back to TV?
.Scott Burns To Write Ridley Scott’s New BLADE RUNNER?

Also Walkie Talks About some of The Upcoming theme show For This
Month With One being the Sci-Fi/Horror Connection 3 on this Episode
Of The Elite Force Podcast

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Lindelof To Write Sci-Fi Film

Star Trek XI co-writer Damon Lindelof has signed with Disney to write and produce 1952, a science fiction adventure film.

The movie project, for which Lindelof will earn seven figures, came out of meetings with Sean Bailey, Disney production president, and senior executive Brigham Taylor.

No further details are available about 1952, but the project will encompass more than a movie, having “multiple platform aspirations.”

Lindelof will start on 1952 after Star Trek 2.


Damon Lindelof inks Disney deal to write Sci-Fi feature film “1952″

Star Trek sequel co-writer Damon Lindelof has signed a 7-figure deal with Disney to write and produce a sci-fi film called 1952 (working title). The project is described as a large-scale science fiction feature film geared towards a fam…


4/3/11 – A Time to Mark Out


After Last Weekends Big Rant From Walkie and Mindwipe
This Weekend Breings Walkie and Mindwipe into More Marking
Out and Lots of Crazy Stuff as They Take a Look Into The
The Top News Into The World Of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions
.Disney Drops Tron Director’s Sci-Fi Project
.Warner Bros.’ ‘Green Lantern’ marketing campaign delayed by special-effects work
.Pinkner Teases Fringe Season Finale
.Jeri Ryan: Chakotay/Seven relationship “came out of the blue”
.Earthseed Optioned

In The Last Part of The Show Walkie and Mindwipe Go Though
The US And UK Trailers Of the Upcoming 6 Season of Doctor Who
and Look Foward to What Could Be The Best Season Yet

Also We Like To Get Your Views On The New Season Of Doctor Who
What Do you Think of the Trailers and What Do you think Might
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Enjoy The Trailers

The UK Trailer

The US Trailer


12/19/10 – Enter The Grid


With 6 Days Untill Christmas The Elite Force Podcast Returns With The Big Season Finale
As Thoughout The Past Season The Gang has Been Looking Foward to the One Movie that has
Been The Most Look Forward Too Movie of the Whole Year and For it to be The Biggest Birthday
Bash For Walkie as The Gang Go Over Tron : Legacy as Walkie Reviews The Film From every
Side of the Movie to did it live up to the 1st Movie and is This the Movie of the Year
of all The Sci-Fi Movies in 2010 and Also Mindwipe going over The Tron : Evolution Video

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Syfy cancels Stargate Universe after two seasons
.Pullman Joins “Torchwood”
.Favreau Won’t Direct “Iron Man 3?
.Josh Brolin Calls ‘Men In Black 3’ Script ‘Fantastic,’ Promises ‘It’s Not Jonah Hex’
.Being Human Series Three Preview – Ready For A Zombie?
.’Scream’ Actress Neve Campbell in Talks for ‘Singularity’

Also Mindwipe Reviews The Transformers: Prime Animated Series Looking at if the
Show is worth the Time of the Transformers Fans aslo Walkie and Mindwipe Spend
The Rest of the show Giving a Special Christmas Message to you The Listerns
of The Podcast

Enjoy The 2010 Season Finale of The Elite Force Podcast

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and The New Years Music Show around New Years Time