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E3 Impressions: New “Star Trek” Video Game Looks Amazing

Last week at the E3 show in Los Angeles I had a chance to see a special demo of the upcoming Star Trek game, set in the new movie universe. It has been a long wait for a new Star Trek video game, but this new title was worth the wait. More details and …

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Details and Video Preview Of New ‘Star Trek: Expeditions’ Board Game

This summer HeroClix will release their new "Star Trek: Expeditions" board game, based on the 2009 Star Trek movie. We have lots of details, pictures and a demo video for this new "cooperative game" which has already been getting some b…


Video of the Day: Jay Baruchel In “Trouble With Tribbles” via Yoostar 2

Yoostar 2, the new "movie karaoke" game for Playstation 3 and XBox 360, was released this week. And to promote it Yoostar has put out some demo scenes starring Jay Baruchel (She’s Out of Your League). See below for his take on the "Trouble with Tribbles" scene from the original Star Trek.  

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Video of the Day: DIY Star Trek Sliding Doors

Do you want to Trek Your Crib? Well a good place to start would be to add Star Trek-style sliding doors. One fan has done so, and posted a guide on how to do it online. Check out the demo video below.

Star Trek doors in the home
Marc from UI Productions has brought his love […]


7/18/10 – Sci-Fi Music Tribute Part 3 (Vince DiCola Special)


After we finished our wonderful two part episode on the great composers to film and tv it got me a thinking so i have done a shorter episode but a sort of part 3 Honouring one particular 80’s  underated composer and thats Vince DiCola especially what im showcasing here with his demo (protoform)  tracks when he worked on the 1986 aminated movie The Transformers.

With Special Narration By Vince himself throught the show this is a rare opportunity for generation 1 transformers fans who havent heard the protoform sessions before to get a unique insite into how the OST for the film was made. plus for any music fan or aspiring composer you can get insite also into the trade from the words of a veteran.