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8/18/12 – Diesel Vision


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Stories covered this week:

He-Man Dolph Lundgren knows who could replace him for that reboot
Clear your calendar—Avengers 2 release date confirmed!
Director shares which 9 movies will most shape his Wolverine pic
Vin Diesel campaigns for a role in Avengers 2 (but as which hero?)
Ouch! Robert Downey Jr. stunt injury delays Iron Man 3 production
Could We Get a “Dark Knight Rises” Sequel?

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7/12/12 – Return to Form

Chuckw returns from a 2 week break.
Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July.
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Here are the storys covered this week.

.First step to prep for Justice League movie
.A Lego movie starring Batman and Superman?
.Drew Goddard next to tackle World War Z
.Stretching Director
.Villian Revealed?
.Dafoe calls out “The Amazing Spiderman”

A Return to Form on This
The Midweek Elite Force



7/24/11 – A Happy Crossover


The Elite Force Podcast Returned This Weekend As Walkie and Mindwipe
Returned to Take a Look at Some of the Top of News that is Going on
in the World of Sci-Fi from some odds News for the Man of Steel to
A Crossover that makes Walkie and Mindwipe think of Great Crossover
That Might Work

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Zack Snyder’s Superman Film ‘Man Of Steel’ Moves To June 14, 2013
.New Line Drops “Escape From New York” Remake
.Hilary Swank Will Lead an Uprising on Planet Venus
.IDW Announces New Star Trek/DC Superheroes Crossover Comic Series

Also Walkie announce The Return of the Summer Listeners Choice with
More Info Coming Soon

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