6/17/13 – A New Age


A New Age in Gaming is Coming
as E3 is in The Books.
Sony Is Kicking Butt.
Everyone hates Microsoft.
Nintendo was around.

It’s Time for the Post E3 Weekend
Elite Force Podcast

On This Episodes:

.Walkie and Mindwipe along with Ahsleyismyname
(Open Book and Whole Indie Show) and Danny Van Damn
as They Recap all Things Sci-Fi Gaming that is Coming
Soon and the Talk about the Upcoming PS4 and Xbox One.
.John C. Reilly WILL be the leader of the Nova Corps in Guardians
.Goyer confirms Man of Steel universe will feature a NEW Batman
.They Read E-Mails and Feedbacks from Admiral Q, Chris Husk and

The New age is Coming on This The Weekend EFP

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