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8/28/11 – A New Ghostbusters


With the month of August Coming to a Close Walkie and Mindwipe
Returned to the Airwaves as The Weekend Elite Force Podcast is
Back to Bust Ghost and Rant Big Time on The BBC, J.J. Abrams
and also Walkie Finally lost it at a Reboot that may happen
While Looking at some of the Top News Storys going on and

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Aykroyd Talks “Ghostbusters 3?
.BBC, Facebook Team Together To Bring ‘Doctor Who’ Online
.Will CBS Consider New Star Trek Television Series?
.Director Justin Lin may resurrect Sarah Connor for Terminator 5
.Moffat Addresses “Who” Rumors
.Also Walkie and Mindwipe at a Feedback from the Midweek Show from
Don Bronx about The Wolverine” being Delayed

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10/9/10 – Invasion of The Bat-Beast


The Weekend Elite Force Podcast Kicks into Full Throttle
as it Takes on The Invasion of The Bat-Beast with Phasers
and Lightsaber and even with a Sonic Screwdriver as Walkie
is Join by The Star of The New Sci-Fi/Horror Movie Blood Bath
Of The Bat-Beast and The Announcer of The Elite Force Baron
Dixon and The Two Go Over the Making the The Film to Being
Apart of a Fun Independent Film Making and allready
Getting Good Reviews and The Other Film he was apart of
that in a way you have to Listen to Belive and the Next
Movie He Will Be apart off

You Can Check out Hot to Get  Blood Bath Of The Bat-Beast via
The Night Iguana Productions Website at

Also Walkie and Baron Go Over the Weekend of News of the
World Sci-Fi
Amongst This Episode Discussions

.IDW “Infestation” Series To Mix Zombies With Star Trek & Other Licensees
.Star Wars is getting redone in 3-D with a new theatrical release!
.Will Doctor Who be filming an episode in the U.S.?
.David Tennant thinks Matt Smith is ‘brilliant’ as the Doctor
.Dan Aykroyd writing Ghostbusters 3 (and swears it’ll be good)
.Can Heroes’ Bryan Fuller pump fresh blood into The Munsters?