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Your Top Cybermen Story Ever Revealed

In last week’s poll we asked you to vote for the best Cybermen story ever. Thousands voted and the results are now in. Cutting straight to the chase, the winner is…

1. The Tomb of the Cybermen

The 1967 Patrick Troughton story topped the poll with 19% of the overall vote. The story is frequently ci Read more …


Series 7: First Look at New Cybermen

Fresh from filming, here is our first look at the redesigned Cybermen from Neil Gaiman’s Series 7 episode. Big thanks to healthytowers for getting the snaps.</ Read more …


Gaiman on Making Cybermen Scary Again

Neil Gaiman has spoken about how his <a title="Official: Cybermen Back in Gaiman Episode" href=" Read more …


Series 7 Filming: Cybermen Story Details

Some story details for Neil Gaiman’s Series 7 episode have been revealed from filming yesterday (8th November) at Castell Coch in Cardiff.

This post contains spoilers. Read ahead at your own risk.</ Read more …


Series 7 Filming: Cybermen on Set

Filming has begun on <a title="Hugo Winner Neil Gaiman Returns" href=" Read more …


Official: Cybermen Back in Gaiman Episode

The BBC have officially confirmed that the Cybermen will return in <a title="Hugo Winner Neil Gaiman Returns" href=" Read more …


Your Scariest Ever Monster (10-1)

For Halloween last week Doctor Who TV asked you to vote for the scariest ever monster. Thousands voted and the results are now in. The countdown concludes with the top 10.

10. Cybermen

With 1.88% of the overall vote.

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-41460" title="cybermen-tenth-planet" src="ht Read more …


Development of the Weeping Angels

Guest contributor Stuart McClelland looks at the growth of the lonely assassins.

When Doctor Who returned under the pen of Russell T. Davies in 2005, no one expected any iconic monsters that could stand alongside the Daleks and the Cybermen to be introduced. Until The Weeping Angels proved us all wrong, that is. A brilli Read more …


4/17/11 – In The Year 3000


The Elite Force Podcast Return This Weekend As Walkie and Mindwipe
Started Up a New Formate for the Weekend Show as They Look into
The Top News Going on in The World of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Walkie and Mindwipe Look at One of the Pitches that was Given a
few Years Back of a Star Trek TV Show from Bryan Singer and What He
Whated to do with the Star Trek Franchise and Walkie and Mindwipe
Look at if world have been a Better Idea then J.J. Abrams Trek
and One Area That Mindwipe Think CBS has Not Try to use for
Ideas For Star Trek

.Zack Snyder Has Now His Gen. Zod for his Reboot of the Superman
Franchise in Michael Shannon and The Hosts Look if This is The
Right Move and How This could be a Make or Break Role for
Michael Shannon in a Movie that Could Hurt The Superman Franchise
if the Film Flops.

.With Under a Week Before Doctor Who Returns for a 6th Series
Walkie and Mindwipe Mark out at the News that the Cybermen will
Return in a Big Way and they Look into what their Role Could be
in what could be the Biggest Series in Doctor Who Histroy and also
Walkie and Mindwipe Gives Their Thoghts on the Risk of having a
Split Series for Doctor Who and How This Could Hurt the Show Big
Time Outside of the UK and How They Feel BBC Should Handle this
to Make This Work

The Hosts wrapped The Show Looking ahead on the Returning Guest
coming on the Show and on Passing the 100 Episodes Mark on this
News Filled Weekend Elite Force Podcast


First look at Doctor Who‘s new outfit, Cybermen spoilers and more

There’s a lot of stuff happening in the Doctor Who world today. For starters, we get our first peek at the 11th Doctor’s new look, along with some set pics from episode 12. Plus we also have some juicy Cybermen spoilers and rumors, as well as a video.