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The Case for… Utopia

Guest contributor Samuel Rahaman makes the case for the Series 3 episode.

While ‘Utopia’ is not as widely panned in the Docto Read more …


What’s next for River in 2013?

Guest contributor Liam Duke speculates on what’s coming up next for River Song.

“When one&#82 Read more …


The Case For… The Doctor’s Daughter

Guest contributor Patrick Kavanagh-Sproull makes the case for the Series 4 episode.

The idea of the Doctor’s family has Read more …


Who Mysteries: Lifespan of the Doctors

How long does the Doctor spend per incarnation? Guest contributor Gustaff investigates…

Recently contributor Thomas Capon examined the Doctor� Read more …


The Lost Stories: Part 1 – The Colin Baker Years

Guest contributor William Atkinson takes a look at the lost Colin Baker stories.

To the newer fans of Who, it will perhaps come as a surprise to discover that Doctor Who has been cancelled twice. Of course, cancelling a show that has so much forward planning means that there are an awful lot of unmade and underdeveloped Read more …


New Who’s Best Resolutions

Guest contributor Caleb Howells ponders, what’s the best resolution to an episode of Doctor Who?

One thing I find particularly noteworthy about Doctor Who is the fact that the resolutions are generally very brilliant. After watching more and more TV, I’ve come to the conclusion that I rarely see a climax to an Read more …


The Case For… Fear Her

Is the Series 2 episode as bad as many make out? Guest contributor Patrick Kavanagh makes the case.
</ Read more …


Companions of New Who: Rose (Series 1)

Guest contributor Mark Spurdle looks back over Rose and her first series.

Since Doctor Who’s revival, we have been graced with a number of companions, some gaining high praise from fans, and others not. In my series of articles I will be talking about the key moments for these companions and giving my overall views.

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The Case for… Aliens of London/World War Three

Guest contributor David Selby makes the case for the first two-parter of the revival.

Aliens of London/World War Three was a divisive s Read more …


Has the Doctor become too human?

Guest contributor Elliot Thorpe examines.

Everybody everywhere towards the end of Series 6 knew Read more …