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Coleman: Becoming the Companion (Part 2)

Day 7 of the official Doctor Who advent calendar is another video with Jenna-Louise Coleman, who talks about working on the show and her plans for Christmas.

See it in the player below.

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Your Favourite Christmas Companion is…

Thousands of you voted in Doctor Who TV’s poll last week, this time to find out your favourite Christmas companion. Now it’s time to reveal the results, so let the countdown begin…

The Arwells

With 3% of the overall vote.

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Coleman: Becoming the Companion

The official website has opened day one of their advent calendar and today’s treat is a video interview with Jenna-Louise Coleman, who talks about the audition process and teaming up with Matt Smith. See it in the player below.

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Coleman on Oswin/Clara Mystery

New companion Jenna-Louise Coleman has claimed that the mystery behind Clara and Oswin Read more …


Smith talks Xmas, New Companion & 50th

In a video interview filmed at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff last week, Matt Smith speaks about being immortalised in cement, Jenna-Louise Coleman, this year’s Christmas special and the 50th anniversary.

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"Doctor Who," The Angels Take Manhattan — A Slice of SciFi Review

I didn’t cry when Adric died. Nor did I cry when Rose Tyler left (the first time). (I was honestly a bit relieved since I’d wearied of her character and the multitudes who declared her the best companion ever…)

Sarah Jane Smith’s departure, while bittersweet, didn’t get me all misty-eyed.


Top 10 Companion Exits

Guest contributor William Atkinson counts down the top 10 best companion exits so far.

Oh, woe is me! As the Ponds prepare to make their heart-breaking exit on TV, I think it’s just the right time to review the previous times that the Doctor’s best friends have left him. Top 10 time, me thinks…

10. Jaime and Read more …


Moffat Teases Pond Exit and Oswin

Steven Moffat has teased the new companion and how the Ponds’ exit will impact the Doctor.

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11/17/11 – Who on the Big Screen?


Who Breaking News Tops This Weeks Midweek Elite Force Podcast
as Chuck W Returned on this Midweek to Update you all on some
of the News Going on in the World of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.‘Doctor Who’ Movie Being Planned By ‘Harry Potter’ Director
.David Tennant’s companion all set for Who’s 50th anniversary show
.Doctor Who movie? The BBC doesn’t know what you’re talking about
.Lego Movie Building Momentum
.Chuck Gives His Views on “Godzilla” Reboot Finds Writer Story
.Universal Orders “Asteroid” Rewrite
.Also Chuck W Talks about a way to Listen Live to the Midweek
EFP as he records the show

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Watch Amy Pond go all Jack Sparrow in 2 Doctor Who set videos

Some actresses have all the luck. Not only does Karen Gillan get to star in Doctor Who as Amy Pond, the Doctor’s companion, but the redheaded Scot also gets to turn into a swashbuckler. In an upcoming episode, we see Amy using swordplay to fight pirates—and looking good while doing it.