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11/9/12 – Hollywood Logic


Its time for another MidWeek EFP
Chuck is Back!!

Stories covered this week

.Nic Cage Will Square off with The Rapture In The left behind reboot
.Look which big-time director was pitched and passed on Avengers
.Chuck W Gives His Views on “Elm Street”s Heather Langenkamp
Joining Star Trek Into Darkness
.First “Star Wars” Directing Rumor Surfaces

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6/16/11 – All Things E3


Last Week Was Video Gamings Big Event in the 2011 E3
and Behind the News of The Wii U and The PS Vita
was the Site of New and Upcoming Sci-Fi Games and on the
Midweek Elite Force Podcast Walkie Look at 5 that He May Be
Looking Foward to and Those that may not be.

Upcoming Games that Walkie Coverd
.Aliens: Colonial Marines
.BioShock Infinite
.Halo 4
.Star Trek
.Star Wars: The Old Republic

Also Walkie Updates You on the News Going on in the World of Sci-Fi
.Paramount Promotes “Star Trek 2″ At Licensing Expo – But Just Working Title
.Without network competition, Sanctuary‘s ratings recover
.“Star Wars” 3-D Remastering May Be Cut Short
.’Chuck’ Promises A Conclusive Ending
.Cameron And Worthington Could Reunite For Sci-Fi Movie Myth

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Watch Vulcan Nerve Pinch From Last Night’s Chuck

The NBC spy series Chuck has has a few Star Trek reference and guest cameos over the years, with another coming last night, in the form of a Vulcan nerve pinch ‘learned from Star Trek’. Check it out below.

Chuck learns pinch from Star Trek
In the episode "Chuck Versus the Fear of Death", Chuck is […]


Sci-Fi TV Sunday: Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, The Event, Smallville, V + more

In Sci-Fi TV this week there is big news for Galactica fans with news of a new BSG spin-ff. We also have news on the futures of Chuck, The Event, V, and even a possible 11th season for Smallville. All that plus more including the latest television ratings, casting bites and new images and video […]


NBC Orders Full Season Of ‘The Event’

PLUS: It looks like ‘Chuck’ is not far behind

read more