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Eccleston Hinting at 50th Return?

David Tennant has been dropping enough hints lately to suggest that a 10th Doctor return could be on the cards for the 50th anniversary. But what about his predecessor, Christopher Eccleston?

Eccleston distanced himself from the show after leaving the role of 9th Doctor due to <a title="Eccleston On Why He Left Doctor Who" href="http:/ Read more …


10/13/10 – The Doctor Forever


is another Sci-Fi Franchise Changing for The worse as
The World of Doctor Who is Up in a uproar from a Line that
The 11th Doctor Saids in a Upcoming Episodes of
The Sarah Jane Adventures Thats Deals with a Part of
Who Conon of The Doctors Regeneration Limit But In the Midweek
Elite Force Podcast as Mindwipe Not able to make the Full Show
as He with Having Fun on His Brithday but he along with Victor 1st
from Talk about the News Story and Ask
if the Results of this May Hurt the Doctor Who Franchise in
a Big way that it May not Come Back

The Rest of The Show Walkie Join in as He Looks into the News of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.SyFy ratings News for SGU Caprica and an Week 2 of Smackdown on SyFy
.Moffat Keeping The Old Daleks
.Fox casts female lead for Terra Nova
.Star Trek Hot Wheels Wave 3 Available Exclusively At Costco
.Scripting Started For Star Trek Sequel
.Doctor Who to film in USA
.Caprica’ First Look: The Cylons are coming!


6/19/10 – No Love From The 9th Doctor


For a Man that is know to have play The Doctor when the Show
Came Back and only Last Only One Season and After 5 Years
of only been given one Resaon Christopher Eccleston now gives
the real reason on way he Left the Show after one Year on the Job
and Walkie looks into that reason and ask eather could it be from
the show itself or the man Himself
.Walkie Talks about More Sci-Fi games coming out of e3
.SGU’s Season One Ratings Report
.Battlestar Galactica The Exhibition
.Enterprise Streaming to
.Shatner To Direct His Own Biography


4/28/2010 – Legend of The Time Lord Part 2


The Elite Force Podcast Returns to the the Doctor Who Universe.
in the 2nd Part in the Outlook of the 11 Doctors Walkie and Mindwipe
Talk indeph into the 5th Doctor to the 11th Doctor and the Mark that they
Left on the Legand of the Time Lord Know as the Doctor

The Actors that is covered (Part 2 of 2)
.Peter Davison (1981–1984)
.Colin Baker (1984–1986)
.Sylvester McCoy (1987–1996)
.Paul McGann (1996)
.Christopher Eccleston (2005)
.David Tennant (2005-2010)
.Matt Smith (2010-Now)

Also Mindwipe Rant on Serise Head Steven Moffat and Some of the ways that
he has Run things that makes Mindwipe thinks he is on a Ego Hi

so sit back and enjoy the over 3 Hour Long (2nd Longest in Elite Force History)
Part 2 Look into the Legend of the Time Lord