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2/10/13 – The Wrath of Mindwipe!


In a galaxy far far away, when Star Wars
is making even more movies, When DC is
Starting Again from scratch, and More
JJ Abrams,

The Wrath of Mindwipe is about to Start

Stories covered this week

.Chris Jones joins in at the Start of the
Show as he Reviles the winner of the Chris
Jones Gaming Dead Space 3 giveaway

.Disney Confirms Standalone Star Wars Films
May Be Released Between New Core Episodes
.Did Cumberbatch’s identity in Star Trek 2
just get spoiled?

.Mindwipe gives his Thoughts on Justice League
script supposedly scrapped

.What’s on John Barrowman’s Doctor Who’s 50th
Anniversary wish list

.Walkie and Mindwipe Read E-mails from Admiral Q,
Chris Husk, and Mike Pringle,

Look Out for The Latest edition of Weekend
Elite Force Podcast.

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Heres Is The Video Verson of Chris Jones Drawing
The Winner Chris Jones Gaming Dead Space 3 giveaway


12/9/12 – A Trip Into Darkness


The Whole Trek Fan Base has been at
a buzz Over The Star Trek Into darkness
Teaser from this Past Week and after
Hearing from One of the Debate The Weekend
Elite Force Podcast returns to Look at the
other Side.

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Chris Jones From Chris Jones Gaming
and Mindwipe Gives Their Views on the
Trek Teaser
.Walkie and Mindwipe review
Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock
.A New Look For The TARDIS
.The Hosts Review Halo 4
Forward Unto Dawn Review

We Welcome any Feedback on anything you heard
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7/2/12 – Happy Monday


For The 1st Time Ever The Elite Force Podcast
Comes to you on Mondays as Walkie and Mindwipe
Returns Along with Good Friend and Head of
The Chris Jones Gaming Network Chris Jones
as They Look at what is Going on in the News
from the World of Sci-Fi

On This Episode:

.Is There Television In Star Trek’s Future?
.Who’s the New Highlander?
.The Gang is Join By Phoenix as he Gives Somes
News about the Upcoming Season 6 of
Star Trek Online
.”Doctor Who” Season Premiere Title Revealed
.Also The Gang Reads E-mails from
Chris Husk and Rosstifer

All This on The
Monday Elite Force Podcast


12/31/10 – New Years Party


With the Year 2010 Coming to a End The Elite Force has a New Years Party in Order
as Walkie is Joined by Chris Jones from The Chris Jones Gaming Network as They Take a Look
Into the Past Year and Look into Some of the many Moments of 2010 that was a apart
of what was a Great Year for the Elite Force Podcast and also gives a Behind The Scenes Look
into the Elite Force Podcast From the 2008 and 2010 Seasons as you Hear what Madness and Mayhem
that Walkie and Mindwipe can put Toughter and also Give u 2 Remix Music From Mindwipe

Enjoy This Near 3 Hour Look Into the Great Moments from the Elite Force Podcast

Happy New Year Everyone and Enjoy it


The Reunion : An Elite Force Podcast Special – Part 2 10/2/10


The World of Star Trek Gaming was Marking Out as the Gang of the Argus Array
Return for a big Reunion As Walkie And Mindwipe Welcome back Chris Jones From
Chris Jones Gaming and Victor 1st From Star Trek-Gamers as They Take a Look in
the Star Trek Gaming World from the Bottam Up and having Fun along the way

and In Part 2 of the 2 Part Argus Array Reunion
.Walkie, Mindwipe, Chris, Victor go over the Games that Stood Out to them and
the ones that they thought was the worse ones that they feel people should Skip
even Star Trek : DAC
.The Gang covers the Modding world and they go over the ones they like and Chris Jones
Goes over The Starts of Ultimate Universe Mod
.Victor and Walkie Renew their Debate as they Talk about Star Trek Online and go over
what in their View is the Future of The Star Trek Gaming Franchise
.Also to End The show Mindwipe and Victor Remember about the old The Argus Array from
The Beginning of the Show to Their Favorites  Moments of the Show and Walkie gives the Listerns
The Beginning of The Elite Force Podcast and How its Beginnings is connected to the Argus Array

So Sit Back and Enjoy the Near 3 Hour Maddness that was made happen by you The Listerns of the Podcast


The Reunion : An Elite Force Podcast Special – Part 1 9/29/10


as Voted On By You
The Elite Force Podcast Takes a Trip To The Final Frontier as You
Voted The Star Trek Gaming Franchise as the Gaming Franchise You
Whated The Elite Force Gang to go over and add on to that
You are in for a very special treat as Yep The Reunion That
The Star Trek Gaming World was Wanted to hear Since December 2008
as Victor 1st from Star Trek-Gamers And Chris Jones The Modfather of Chris Jones Gaming
and Elite Forces Own Mindwipe Join Together for A Special Argus Array Reunion and
Let The Party Start

and On Part 1 of this 2 Part Reunion Show
Walkie Mindwipe Chris and Victor Go Over The History of The Star Trek Gaming Franchise
from the Early Days of the Franchise to the War with Activision and Interplay Entertainment
to The End of the Old Era and give few Hellos and Jabs along the Way


5/27/10 – A Look into the 6 Star Trek TOS Movies


Get Ready to Boldly Go as The Elite Force Podcast take
a look At the 6 Star Trek TOS Movies as Walkie and Chris Jones from Chris Jones Gaming
Go from Star Trek The Motion Picture To Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country
and give a indeph look at each Film and Gives in their own right what
Makes them so great and Stands the Test of Time and what made Crew
A Family after So many years being with each other

Also Walkie and Chris go over Last Years Star Trek in what was a fun debate over
The Movie in what was a JJ Lovefest vs. JJ Sucks