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5/5/13 – A Very Geek Weekend


The Weekend EFP Returned as Walkie
was flying Solo as This Weekend Had
alot of stuff going on.

So May the 4th be with you.

The Weekend EFP is Back

On This Episodes

.WTF? Ronald D. Moore almost killed off Riker in S6 of Trek: TNG?
.Will All the “Transformers” Know His Name?
.Past Doctors to Appear Digitally in 50th?
.The rumors are true: These ARE the new Avengers we’ll see in Part 2
.Could this Chronicle star be Fantastic Four’s new Human Torch?
.Forget Carrie Fisher’s denial: She’s in (again!) for Star Wars 7

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3/10/13 – Flying Solo Part 3


The Weekend Elite Force Podcast returned As as Walkie
Flew Solo on This EpisodeTo Take a Trip to a To A
Galaxy Far Far Away to take on all Things Sci-fi

On This Episode :

.Carrie Fisher Will Be Back As Leia
.Confirmed: Disney working on standalone ‘Star Wars’ movies
.Keri Russell Joins “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”
.Christian Bale may return as Batman in Justice League movie
.Walkie Reads Some Listener E-mails From Admiral Q and Chris Husk

The Force is Strong on This The weekend Elite Force Podcast

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3/1/13 – Wasted Opportunities


Well, it true what they say
It really is all about
the allmighty dollar isnt it?

Its time for another Midweek EFP

Stories covered this week

.Rumor of the Day: Man of Steel 2 ramps up as Justice League stalls
.Carrie Fisher hospitalized after bipolar disorder-related incident
.Whedon explains why a good Hulk movie is ‘very hard’ to make
.Why Mark Wahlberg turned down a Kirk role in Abrams’ Star Trek

All This on The Midweek Elite Force Podcast

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12/11/11 – What it Should be


This Weekends Elite Force Podcast Has walkie and Mindwipe
Playing the Game of What It should Be as They Returned
To Look at some of the Top News Storys Going on in the World
of sci-Fi and Looking More into The whole Star Trek Movie
Issuse in the wake of Walkies Meltdown from Midweek.

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Peter Weller Returns To Star Trek
.Mindwipe Gives His View on The
Storng Rumor Khan Being The Villain
.Ben Kingsley In Talks to Join Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Ender’s Game’
.Mindwipe Asked if Roberto Orci and
Alex Kurtzman may be OverWorked
.James Cameron sued by sci-fi fan for stealing ‘Avatar’ storyline
.Jenkins Leaves “Thor 2”
.The Hosts talk about the William Shatner
vs. Carrie Fisher Youtube Dabte
.Wlakie Reviews the William Shatner
Documentary The Captains
.Walke and Mindwipe looks at a E-mail
From Listener Mike Pringle As He Ask
The Hosts on What If They was Running
Some of the Movie Adaptation of The
Old Cartoons and What World They
Do differently.

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