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3/16/14 – Feeling Vindicated


Syfy is going back to it’s Roots.
and Walkie and Mindwipe are in Prime Mood

Let the Good Times Roll.

The Weekend Elite Force Podcast Has as returned

On This Episode:
.Batman vs. Superman script still unfinished, so that’s all going well
.EXCLUSIVE: This Oscar Winner Is SO CLOSE to ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’
.Rumor of the day: Aborted Stargate TV movie back on track (just not as a movie)
.Mystery Solved: ‘Captain America 3’ to Challenge Batman-Superman Head On
.SyFy Returning to Its Sci-Fi Roots

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Remembering Captain America's Creator

Joe Simon, who created Captain America together with Jack Kirby, will be celebrated on Friday, October 12th from 5:15pm – 6:15pm, at New York Comic Con, which runs from October 11th thru October 14th.


4/12/12 – Beetlejuice Begin Again


The Midweek Elite Force Podcast Returned As Chuck W
Is say the Words Beetlejuice , Beetlejuice , Beetlejuice
as On This Midweek Chuck W Looks at What is Going On This
Midweek in The News In the World of Sci-Fi.

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Could Beetlejuice 2 FINALLY begin filming later this year?
.Ben Kingsley will be the Iron Man 3 baddie—but as who?
.Hunger Games director reveals real reason he passed on the sequel
.”First Class” Sequel To Begin Shooting in January
.Sandler Sweeps Razzies
.’Captain America’ Finally Earns Sequel

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