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7/30/12 – Where is The Doctor??

This Weekends EFP Returned as Walkie
and Mindwipe Take a Trip into the
Time and Space in looking for The
Doctor as They Look into the News
that is going on into the World of

Walkie and Mindwipe Look at some News
Involding The Start Date of Season 7 of
Doctor Who and the Split Season that Has
Mindwipe Upset
.Which DC Hero Is Coming to SyFy?
.”Fringe” Shuts Down Production
.Walkie Reviews Star Trek: TNG/
Doctor Who: Assimilation2 Issuse #3
.Mindwipe Reviews The Blu-ray of
Star Trek TNG Season 1



6/17/12 – A Reboot on Hold


Walkie And Mindwipe Returns This Weekend
as on This Weekends EFP They Look at what
is going on in the News in the World of Sci-Fi

This weekends headlines:

.Which Reboot Has Paramount Put the Brakes On?
.Which Classic “Who” Monsters Could Return Next Year?
.Rumor of the Day: Marvel’s plan to make Avengers the #1 movie ever
.What Other Connection Did Kirk Share With Khan?
.Will Blu-Ray Be Obsolete in Four Years?
.Walkie and Mindwipe Reads and responds to an E-mail from Admiral Q

Reboots and More Reboots on
The Weekend Elite Force Podcast

Happy Fathers Day From Us At The Elite Force Podcast


4/21/11 – The Big Button


On A Week Where Walkie is cought with a Bad Cold and
everything that is going on Walkie Return on this Midweek
with the Midweek Elite Force Podcast to Update u
Guys on the News Going on in the World of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Walkie Covers the News coming out from the Stargate Convention
in Vancouver that 14 Years of Stargate TV is about to come to an
end with no Hope of DVD Movies from Stargate and Walkie Ask the
one thing that No One Whats to and Go Overs 2 Futures of The franchise
That involds the Big Red Evil Button That May give a backlash if it’s Use

.Stargate Atlantis coming to Blu-ray in July
.de Lancie To Guest On Torchwood
.Gillan Drops Hints About Doctor Who
.Will Vin Diesel get to play a Terminator?