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11/16/13 – In no Mood


ChuckW works stuff out
In this edition of the midweek efp

Stories covered this week:

.Looking forward to ID2? Your wait just got longer.
.What disapointing box office means for Star Trek 3
.Robert Patrick and more join From Dusk Till Dawn tv series
.Ben Kingsley responds to rumors

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10/13/13 – Birthday Madness


The Madness and Mayham of The EFP
Birthday Style

The Weekend Elite Force Podcast is Back

On This Episode:

.BBC Confirms 9 Lost Troughton Episodes Recovered!
.Sir Ben Kingsley responds to Star Wars Episode VII rumour
.Stan Lee explain why Thor makes a heck of a lot more sense than Superman
.Ben Wheatley For Doctor Who Series 8?
.Mindwipe Reveal The Winner of The EFP Birthday Giveaway
.The Hosts Read a E-mail From Mike Pringle and Listen to a
Voicemail from Shifty

All This on The Birthday Madness of The Elite Force Podcast



4/12/12 – Beetlejuice Begin Again


The Midweek Elite Force Podcast Returned As Chuck W
Is say the Words Beetlejuice , Beetlejuice , Beetlejuice
as On This Midweek Chuck W Looks at What is Going On This
Midweek in The News In the World of Sci-Fi.

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Could Beetlejuice 2 FINALLY begin filming later this year?
.Ben Kingsley will be the Iron Man 3 baddie—but as who?
.Hunger Games director reveals real reason he passed on the sequel
.”First Class” Sequel To Begin Shooting in January
.Sandler Sweeps Razzies
.’Captain America’ Finally Earns Sequel

The Fun is Now Here on The
Latest Episode of The Midweek
Elite Force Podcast