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Stunning Time-Lapse Video of Endeavour's Final Trip

The Los Angeles Times has some amazing footage, a time-lapse video of Space Shuttle Endeavour’s trip from the Los Angeles International Airport to its final home at the California Science Center.


9/22/11 – What is mind? It doesn’t matter. What is matter? Never mind….


The Midweek Elite Force Podcast Returns as Chuck W
Returned on this Midweek to Update you all on some of
the News Going on in the World of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Liked the original RoboCop? Then you might not like the new one
.Details on Christmas Episode of “Doctor Who” Released
.Weaver Says No “Ghostbusters III” Without Bill Murray
.“Beauty and the Beast” Reboot?!?
.Cameron Wants 60 FPS for “Avatar” Sequels
.James Cameron has been brainstorming that next Terminator movie

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