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3/12/11 – Sci-Fi Music Tribute


This Weekend Elite Force Podcast Walkie , Mindwipe and Baron Dixon Presents To You The 6th
Tribute to Sci-Fi Composers of Film and TV. On This Show The Gang Gives a Tribute To Some
Of The Best Composers That Has Left Their Mark in World of Sci-Fi and Left Their Music That
Has Stand The Test of Time

On This Show We Give Tribute to the Composers That Composes Music to These Film and TV Shows

.Space Patrol
.Star Trek Generations
.Logans Run
.Back to the Future Part III
.SeaQuest DSV
.Green Slime
.Tron Legacy
.Forbidden Planet
.Doctor Who
.Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

So Enjoy as we Pay Tribute to the Composers that Give
Life To Great Sci-Fi Music That We Love


1/30/11 – Mindwipe’s Ultimate Sci-Fi Remix


This special Weekend Episode of The Elite Force Podcast Showcases
The wonderful mix and musical talent of our Resident Co-Host Mindwipe
aka Phill Morris all the way from the UK As He Present to You His
Remix and Synth Work in the World of Sci-Fi From Some of Sci-Fi Best
Franchises as Star Trek Doctor Who Back To The Future The Justice League
and Even His Music that He Did For The Ultimate Universe Mod

So Sit Back and Enjoy This Special Episode of The Elite Force Podcast
of Mindwipes Ultimate Sci-Fi Remix

Be sure to check out his other stuff at