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Where did the Ponds end up?

Arthur Darvill has revealed what he thinks happened to Amy and Rory after they were sent back in time by the Weeping Angels in The Angels Take Manha Read more …


Introducing The Angels Take Manhattan

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Caroline Skinner and Steven Moffat introduce The Angels Take Manhattan in this latest video from the BBC.

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5/4/11 – The Doctor is Back


After Battle a Nasty Cold Walkie Returns on this Midweek
Elite Force Podcast with a Review that he Has Been looking
Foward to Do as the 2 Part Return of Doctor Who Happen
Walkie Looks into the Ep and Talks about His View on what
happen on the 2 Parter and How he Felt if The Season Started
of on a Good Note

Also Walkie Talks the Start on Work of a Future App for the Phone
and the Whats ahead


4/27/11 – Goodbye Sarah Jane


To What Will be Know a a Sad Week For Sci-Fi The Elite Force Podcast
Ruturn This Week as Walkie Mindwipe and Also Join By Phoenix From The
Asylum and The Chris Jones Gaming Network as the Three Took a Look at
Top News in the World of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Walkie Mindwipe and Phoenix Pays Their Tribute to Sarah Jane Smith
as they Look over the of the Passing of a True Legend in Doctor Who
Elisabeth Sladen. The Gang Look at the Career of Elisabeth Sladen
and where her Place is and will be remember in the Great world of
Doctor Who

.Walkies Turn to the Star Trek Good Side Continued as the Gang
Looks into Comments Roberto Orci Made about Next Years Star Trek
Movie saying It Will Builds On Star Trek 2009 But Not Just For
Trekkies and the Gang Looks How this Mirrors What JJ Abrams
Said Just 2 Years Ago and Make The Gang Think that Orci and Crew
Should back Off also Walkie Lost it Again when he Brought the
Deflector Dish Issuse again.

.Mindwipe and Phoenix Reviews The 1st Episode of Series 6 of Doctor
Who looking at the Happenings of The Episode and Where Mindwipe and
Phoenixs Hope For the Rest of Series (Walkie Was not around for this
cause he has not seen the Episode the Words of River Song..

Also Walkie Talks about New Ways to Listen to The Elite Force Podcast
on Sites Like and On This Madness
and Mayhem of The Weekend Elite Force Podcast

May you all have a Happy Easter From The Elite Force Podcast


8/29/10 – Doctor Who at The Proms


As Promise Mindwipe Returns to give you a Bonus Episode
of The Elite Force Podcast and in This Episode We take
a History of The Music of Doctor Who that was played at
The Doctor Who Proms 2010 from the Started of the Show
in 1963 to Today as How The Music has been New and been
a Great Part of Doctor Who


.Mindwipes Review of 3dr Who Game TARDIS
.Serise 6 of Doctor Who getting a split
.and Mindwipes Views on Daleks voted the greatest sci-fi monsters of all time