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A Pond Journey

Guest contributor David Selby takes a look back at the Pond era.

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The Power of Three Clip

The BBC has released a clip from The Power of Three. Amy Pond reflects on her life as a part-time adventurer.

Catch it below.

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11/6/11 – Daylight Saving **** Up


With Daylight Saving Time Ended and Giving everyone a Extra Hour of
Sleep but it Messed up The Elite Force Podcast but The Gang of the EFP
returned To look at Some of the Top News Storys Going on in the World of

Amongst This Episode Discussions

Part 1 Walkie and Nix Covered

.Benicio Del Toro Up For Star Trek Sequel
.Andy Serkis Closes Big ‘Planet Of The Apes’ Deal; Should Fox Campaign For Oscar?

Parts 2 and 3 Walkie and Nix was Joined By Mindwipe as They Covered

.Eddie Murphy writing alien comedy
.Karen Gillan wants Doctor Who’s Amy Pond to die … permanently!
.”Enterprise” Finale An “Unpleasant Memory” For Frakes
.also Mindwipe Review The Newest Doctor Who Adventure Game
The Gunpowder Plot

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