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Watch Karen Gillan on Conan

Karen Gillan was a guest on American chat show Conan last night. Check out a clip below.

Note: there’s no Doctor Who talk.

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Cho To Appear In American Pie Sequel

John Cho, best-known to Star Trek fans as Sulu in Star Trek XI, has signed on for the latest American Pie sequel.

Cho played John in 1999′s American Pie, where fans knew him best for popularizing the term “MILF,” used in reference to “Stifler’s mom” (played by Jennifer Coolidge). He also appeared in the two sequels, American Pie 2 and American Wedding.

According to a Twitter message from Thomas Ian Nicholas (Kevin Myers), Cho has begun filming scenes for American Reunion. “On the set of American Reunion with John Cho looking spiffy,” said Nicholas.

American Reunion, the fourth film in the American Pie series, will be released April 6, 2012.


Park To Appear In New Play

Star Trek: Enterprise‘s Linda Park will be appearing in Love in American Times, a new play to debut next month.

Park will be appearing with J. Michael Flynn, who is best-known to Star Trek fans for his guest roles on Star Trek: The Next Generation (Zayner in The Hunted) and Star Trek: Enterprise (Nijil in The Aenar, United and Babel One. Mazarite official in Fallen Hero).

In Love in American Times, “The age-old tradition of matchmaking takes a contemporary twist when wealthy businessman Jack Heller (Flynn) has a pre-arranged meeting with sharp and accomplished Scarlett Mori-Yang (Park). Sparks aren’t the only things flying when these two driven individuals with intractable egos try to one-up each other on what could scarcely be called a ‘first date.’ With single-minded practicality and a pre-nuptial that looks more like articles of incorporation, it isn’t long before dysfunctional chaos breaks out. Is there room for love when there’s no shortage of money or power?”

Love in American Times will be playing at the San Jose Repertory Theatre in San Jose, California, from May 12-June 5. Tickets and more information can be obtained here.


Takei: Asian-American Actors Slighted

A film adaptation of the Akira Manga is being planned and a petition is being circulated to encourage Warner Bros. to include Asian-American actors.

According to a petition on Facebook, the eight actors that are thus far being considered for the roles of Tetsuo and Kaneda in Akira are all non-Asian-Americans.

One actor familiar to Star Trek fans is on that list of non-Asian-American actors. Chris Pine is one of the five actors being considered for the role of Kaneda.

“If not in a film called Akira, for characters named Kaneda and Tetsuo, when will Asian-Americans get to star in a Warner Bros film?” asks the petition.

Takei tweeted his opinion on the matter. “Akira epic fail,” he said. “All actors up for Kaneda & Tetsuo are white?” He then asked his followers to “Sign & RT the [virtual] petition.”



New Previews For Orci/Kurtzman/Lindelof’s Cowboys & Aliens + Leonard Nimoy on Fringe

Last night if you watched American Idol on FOX you would have caught previews of a couple of things related to the world of Star Trek. First was the new trailer for Cowboys & Aliens, written by Star Trek writer/producers Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelo…


Anyone Can Die In ‘Torchwood’

Series will have a more American feel with ‘Miracle Day’

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ShatWatch: Bill Jams With Rockers + New Negotiator Ads + Grills Florence Henderson + Solicits ‘American Pickers’ + more

It is time to check in with Star Trek’s original Kirk and the king of all media, William Shatner. This week we can share his new Priceline commercials, video of Bill jamming with hard rockers, a clip of Bill getting into Florence Henderson’s raw nerve, the "American Pickers" working for Bill, and more.

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BBC Planning American Subscription Service

‘Torchwood’ and ‘Doctor Who’ will be among the online offerings

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