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1/19/14 – A Broken System


A System is Broken is
it’s Time for a Fix

This Weekends EFP is Back as Walkie and Mindwipe are
joined by Adam Martin from

On This Episode:
.Which genre flicks got love from the Academy in this year’s Oscar noms?
.Batman vs. Superman Release Pushed 10 Months to May 2016
.dracula star to play villain in avengers age of ultron
.’Star Wars 1313′ Trademark Not Renewed by Disney
.Walkie and Mindwipe Read E-mails from E-mails from Admiral Q and
Chris Husk
.Walkie and Mindwipe also talk more about the upcoming Academy Awards
and how a big changed is needed (Big Time)

All this on the newest Weekend Elite Force Podcast


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12/4/10 – Maddness and Mayhem


With Everyone In the Christmas Mood The Elite Force Podcast
Returns as Walkie and Mindwipe is Join By Phoenix from the Chris Jones
Gaming Network and Mindwipes Cousin Cain Preston as the Gang Gong over
The News in the world of Sci-Fi and having fun doing as the Party has
Started and Only Madness and Mayhem can Happen that only
Walkie , Mindwipe , Phoenix , and Cain can do

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Star Wars Episode V Director Passes Away At 87
.Aronofsky Hasn’t Given Up on “RoboCop”
.Ray Wise To Join X-Men
.Skyline a ‘flop’ to Sci-fi fan
.Inception’ Video Game Is To Be Released, Nolan Confirms
.Mallozzi: Stargate Universe is a 5-year story
.Leonard Nimoy To Attend 2011 San Francisco Star Trek Con
.World of ‘Avatar’ coming to Seattle’s science-fiction museum
Also Phoenix Rants on the News of The Reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
and how it may be too soon for one and we also Debut a New Segment on the Show
Called The Smackdown Ratings Killer Taking a Looking on WWE Smackdown on SyFy
Low Ratings and making Fun of Them…..oh Good Times