9/4/11 – We Called it


The Elite Force Podcast returned This weekend to breing the
Madness and Mayhem that Only Walkie and Mindwipe can breing
as they enter to a week of The Top News going in the world
of Sci-Fi from The Man who Created the World of Star Wars
Changeing it again to The Doctor Whated 3D and even Walkie
and Mindwipe Looking at a MMO Going to Free to Play that They
Called Over a year ago….Ahh Fun Times

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.More “Star Wars” Tweaks
.Star Trek Online free-to-play this year
.UNIT Box Set Coming
.The Wolverine “Best Script Yet” Getting a Rewrite
.Matt Smith Wants 3D Episode for 50th Anniversary
.also Walkie and Mindwipe Look at the Results of the 2011 Summer Listeners

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