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Movie FX legend Rick Baker creates his own version of DC Comics' Joker

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if movie effect legend Rick Baker took a crack at DC’s most iconic villain, wonder no more. Prepare yourself — it’s creepy.



Conan O'Brien: Comic con is going to 'break my show'

We caught up with Coco before his “Fire and Ice” Paley Center appearance with Anderson Cooper to talk about being the first late-night host to film at SDCC, as well as the Clueless Gamer series, the “funny X-Files” show he’s developing, his superhero identity — and that hair.


Series 9 Filming: Ace MK 2

river-spoiler-journalFilming is continuing on Block 4 of Doctor Who Series 9 (containing the seventh and eighth episodes of the run), and more details have emerged.

The Read more …


Tom Hiddleston seduces Mia Wasikowska in ghostly new international Crimson Peak trailer

A new international trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak — featuring A LOT of new scenes — has been unveiled, a mere two days after the second official trailer hit. And it’s worth seeing.


That new Supergirl show might not be for you — and that's okay

It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s not … for you, maybe. But that doesn’t make it not good.


New Jurassic World viral video fills in the gaps between now and Jurassic Park

Need a quick dino-primer? This InGen infomercial fills in the scientific gaps between past and present Jurassic films.


Disney exec teases Marvel and Star Wars TV channels could be in the works

Do you like what you’re seeing from Marvel on ABC and Netflix? Enjoying Star Wars: Rebels on Disney XD? Well, get ready, because a lot more could be coming our way.


From DC heroes to zombies: All of the new sci-fi TV show coming this fall

For the past week, all of the broadcast networks, and some of the basic cable networks, presented their new programming schedules for 2015-2016. Luckily, genre TV is healthy as ever, with new sci-fi, fantasy and superhero shows sure to please even the most discerning geeks.

To help you plan for your fall TV viewing, we’ve compiled all of the genre shows and their airtimes so you can decide how to fill your valuable TV time.


Series 8 Official Soundtrack – Review

David Selby gives his verdict on the official Series 8 soundtrack release.

doctor-who-series-8-soundtrackThere’s a school of thought that I� Read more …


Animatic clip reveals alternate take on Age of Ultron's Hulk vs. Hulkbuster battle

Hunker down for this awesome animatic showing an alternate scene’s armor-clattering concept art from Avengers: Age of Ultron.