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6/7/13 – The Cargo Bay


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Stories covered this week

.Whedon has ‘no intention’ of making Avengers 2 without Downey
.Lindelof teases Trek 3 villains and potential crossover with original timeline
.Family of 1940s Frankenstein star sues studio for $1 million
.Benicio Del Toro cast in Guardians of the Galaxy: Is he Thanos?



Fox Won’t Decide “Terra Nova” Fate Until 2012

If you’re hoping for a renewal of Terra Nova under your Christmas tree this year, you’ll be disappointed.

Series star Jason O’Mara tweeted this week that Fox won’t decide whether or not to pick up the show for a sophomore season until 2012.
“Decision to pick up #TerraNova for S2 deferred to New Year by @FOXBroadcasting. Everyone involved remains confident and optimistic,” he Tweets.
It’s reported that Fox is going to wait and see how Alcatraz and Touch do in the ratings before making a decision on Terra Nova.

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7/31/11 – The Empire Big Lost

The Elite Force Podcast Return This Weekend as Walkie and Mindwipe Return
to Look at some of the Top News Storys that is going on in the world
of Sci-Fi and One Story that Has Not been Talk about on EFP since The Very
1st Episode and it has walkie and Mindwipe Marking Out big Time

Amongst This Episode Discussions

Lucas loses Supreme Court case (and his stormtrooper copyright)
“Battleship” Trailer Released
Torchwood’ might not get renewed anytime soon
Stargate‘s Christopher Judge cast in The Dark Knight Rises
Mindwipe Reviews the New Thunder Cats
and Walkie and Mindwipe Takes a Question from the SNS Facebook Group from
Ashley Richardson about the Upcoming season 6.2 of Doctor Who

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Elite Force Podcast Vlog #1

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