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2/23/15 – Aliens Return


After a Week off Walkie and Mindwipe
are Back as This Past Weeks gives what is Surprising

Here Comes the Xenos

The ELite Force Podcast returns

On This Episode (February 23rd)
.Neill Blomkamp is ‘officially’ making a new Alien film
.’Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Dave Bautista To Play The Kurgan In ‘Highlander’ Reboot
.Back to the Future Event Teased For 2015
.Titan Comics Plans ‘Doctor Who’ Comic Book Crossover Event
.The Deadpool movie casts a Firefly star as Wade Wilson’s love interest
.the 1st look at Jason Momoa’s Aquaman

All This on This Weeks Elite Force Podcast


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2/9/15 – May the Schwartz be you


Valentine’s Day is coming up but in
hollywood their is little love in the air
but if you look close you may find somthing
you might not expect.

May the Schwartz be with us all

The Elite Force Podcast is Back

On This Episode (February 9th)
.’Stargate’ Remake Finds Its Writers
.DC Entertainment To Launch 24 New Comic Book Series in June
.Rumor of the Day: Star Trek 3 is looking for a ‘Bryan Cranston-like’ villain (+ Bones’ ex-wife)
.Mel Brooks confirms development on Spaceballs sequel, hopefully with the original cast

all This on The Elite Force Podcast


We Welcome Feedback on anything you hear on the Elite Force Podcast by E-mail over
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2/1/15 – A New Generation of Ghostbusters


A New Generation of Ghostbustin is coming
as the All-Female ‘Ghostbusters’ Cast is Here. it
Bad Thing is Hollywood is Pressing that Big
Red Reboot Button again.

somone should replace that button

The Elite Force Podcast is Back and
it’s not afraid of of no Ghost

On This Episode (February 1st)
.This Past Week came the news of the New All-Female ‘Ghostbusters’ Cast Chosen.
Walkie and Mindwipe gave their thoughts on the idea of the Cast and aslo react
on what Dan Aykroyd said
.Thor’s younger brother might star in Independence Day 2 (Not who you Think0
.DOCTOR WHO Star David Tennant Joins Marvel’s JESSICA JONES Netflix Series
.Fox confirms negotiations on an X-Men TV series
.Walkie and Mindwipe reviewed the New Trailer from the Upcoming Film Chappie and
how The Net is not Talking about this

Watch out for the Ghost on this The Elite Force Podcast



1/26/15 – A Marvel Size Reboot


2015 is Still Young But for Fans of the Marvel Universe
It Looks like it’s Getting a Battleworld size Reboot
Watch out for the Big Red Button

And also a New Writer for trek with a bad Reputation

The Elite Force Podcast is Back

On This Episode (January 19th)
.The Marvel Universe Is Ending; Will It Affect the Movies?
.The truth is still out there: Fox eyes ‘X-Files’ reboot
.New actors confirmed for Jean, Cyclops, and Storm in X-Men Apocalypse
.Karl Urban Wanted for the Aquaman Villain
.Star Trek 3 just beamed up an new co-writer that
Walkie and Mindwipe do not like

Witch Out for Earth Mightiest Heroes on This The Elite Force Podcast



1/19/15 – The Oscars Are GO


This Years nominations for The Oscars are out
with Many Sci-Fi Films getting The Nods.
But Dose it even Matter anymore??

The Weekend Elite Force Podcast is Here

On This Episode (January 19th)
.Interstellar, Birdman, Guardians and more earn 2015 Oscar nominations
.Tom Hardy Drops Out of ‘Suicide Squad’
.Thunderbirds are go
.X-Men’s “Gambit” To Get Solo Film
.RIP actor Rod Taylor, 1930 – 2015
.Mindwipe Gave his Review of Big Hero 6

All This on Weekend EFP



1/16/15 – To Enter The Knight


The New Year is Here as The
2015 EFP Season Gets Started.
New Year but Same Madness

The 1st Elite Force Podcast of 2015 is Here

On This Episode (January 16th)
.Rumor of the Day: Batman v Superman could be split into two films, arrive this year
.Your Favorite BBC Titles May Be Leaving Netflix
.Nike confirms it’s working on ‘Back to the Future’ shoe for 2015 release
.Walkie Review The Marvel’s Ant-Man Teaser

all this as The 2015 EFP Season is Underway



12/29/14 – A Whovian New Year


It’s The Season Finale of the
2014 Elite Force Podcast Season.
The Dream Crabs are going Alien.
The Doctor and Clara are back

it’s Time for The Elite Force Podcast
2014 Season Finale as Walkie, Mindwipe
and Ashley are ready for a New Years Party

On This Episode (December 29th)

.Doctor Who Month is back as The Gang Review Last Christmas
and also review the overall Serise 8 of Doctor Who
.Justin Lin to Direct Star Trek 3
.Roberto Orci will no longer write Star Trek
.The Gang Also take a look in the Past Year of 2014 from Their
Favorite Movies to the News storys that EFP coverd
.Also Mindwipe talks about the other stuff that he been doing
over the Past month witch has been keeping him busy

all This on the Season Finale of the Elite Force Podcast
as we wish you a Happy New and Thank you for a Great 2014


EFP Presents: Walkies Christmas Party


it’s Christmas Day
a Time to enjoy with family and to Open
Open lots of Gifts.
and As a Gift The Elite Force Podcast Presents
Walkie’s Christmas Party

On This Episode (December 25th Christmas Day)

On This Christmas Day Walkie takes you on a Journey
though his list of favourite Sci-fi Music from TV, Movies
and Video Games from

.Superman The Movie
.Star Wars
.Super Mario Galaxy
.Super Metroid
.Wing Commander
.Star Trek
.The Transformers
.Power Rangers
.Doctor Who

So Sit back and Relax as The Party is Just Started
and Hope you have a Merry Christmas From The Elite Force Podcast


12/22/14 – A Joyfull Time


its Days Away before The Joyest Time of The Yeat
However it’s Not so Joyfull in Trek Land

The Elite Force Podcast is Back

On This Episode (December 22nd)

.Paramount Wants Star Trek 3 to Be More Like Guardians of the Galaxy
.Screenwriter Says WB Actually Writing Six WONDER WOMAN Scripts
.Here’s how Batman v Superman will handle Man of Steel complaints
.First Doctor Who Series 9 Title Revealed
.Here’s the title and cast for the Ghostbusters 3 that could have been

All This on Christmas Filled Weekend EFP



12/15/14 – HELP US


its Birthday Time at EFP as Walkie
turns a year Order. However His
Early Birthday Gift from a Week
ago Just enter Part 2.

Never Gets Old :>)

The Weekend Elite Force Podcast is Back as Walkie
is Join by Ashely from The Whole Indy Show and SNS
Sticks and Flicks

On This Episode (December 15th)

.The Madness in The Star Trek World Continues as More news comes out
on The Reason Bob Orci was removed from Directing Trek 3 (Walkie Happyface )
.Jonathan Frakes wants to direct Star Trek 3 and has reached out to J.J. Abrams
.Star Wars: The Force Awakens FINALLY reveals some new character names
.Andrew Garfield Might Already Be Out As Spider-Man
.Captain America: Civil War Directors Confirmed For Avengers: Infinity War

The Birthday Madness on The Weekend Elite Force Podcast