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2/10/13 – The Wrath of Mindwipe!


In a galaxy far far away, when Star Wars
is making even more movies, When DC is
Starting Again from scratch, and More
JJ Abrams,

The Wrath of Mindwipe is about to Start

Stories covered this week

.Chris Jones joins in at the Start of the
Show as he Reviles the winner of the Chris
Jones Gaming Dead Space 3 giveaway

.Disney Confirms Standalone Star Wars Films
May Be Released Between New Core Episodes
.Did Cumberbatch’s identity in Star Trek 2
just get spoiled?

.Mindwipe gives his Thoughts on Justice League
script supposedly scrapped

.What’s on John Barrowman’s Doctor Who’s 50th
Anniversary wish list

.Walkie and Mindwipe Read E-mails from Admiral Q,
Chris Husk, and Mike Pringle,

Look Out for The Latest edition of Weekend
Elite Force Podcast.

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Heres Is The Video Verson of Chris Jones Drawing
The Winner Chris Jones Gaming Dead Space 3 giveaway


01/06/2013 – When Scifi Met Metal


Somtimes Things Don’t Go to Plan But
The Old saying Goes The Show Must Go
As The 2013 Season for the Elite Force
Podcast is Here as Mindwipe Flew Solo
to Breing this Special Metal Filled
Elite Force Podcast

On This Episodes

.Mindwipe Presents a Tribute to some of The
Music work that Youtuber 331Erock Mixing
Metal for all your favorite Sci-Fi Music
You Can Check His Work Out at

Also Mindwipe Covered Some of the News That
is Going on in Sci-Fi as

.Rumor of the Day: Potter’s Rowling at work
on a Doctor Who story
.Who Won’t Be Back for “Captain America” Sequel?

Metel Meets Sci-Fi in The 1st EFP of 2013

We Welcome any Feedback on anything you heard
Via E-mail over at [email protected]


Samuel L. Jackson's got an idea how he can return for Star Wars 7

The list of former Star Wars stars commenting on a potential return in the upcoming seventh installment continues to grow—and now Mace Windu himself has chimed in. So would Samuel L. Jackson come back for Star Wars VII?


New Star Trek 2 pic reveals the name of Cumberbatch's villain!

Paramount Pictures has finally thrown us a bone. The identity of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Star Trek villain has been revealed. The studio’s released a new photo that gives a name to the raven-haired baddie.


Awesome zat gun + 21 more gifts for your Stargate-loving friends

The Stargate shows—SG-1, Atlantis and Universe—ran for a total of 17 seasons. A year and a half after Universe was canceled, we still miss the adventure, the camaraderie and the otherworldly locations that strongly resemble Vancouver. But hey—at least there are Stargate presents to give and to receive!


6 reimagined magazine covers show the whimsical side of Gotham City

Feeling sentimental this time of year? Here are the Caped Crusader and his criminal pals inhabiting the nostalgic realm of Rockwell’s famous Saturday Evening Post poses. Ah, the memories!


Danger reigns in 1st trailer for Shyamalan's sci-fi epic After Earth

M. Night Shyamalan is going sci-fi. The director’s reunited Will and Jaden Smith for the futuristic After Earth. The father-son duo brave the wilderness in the first trailer for the summer blockbuster.


Russian prime minister teases files on aliens living among us

Go ahead and ask the nearest world leader if they have proof that aliens are real. You’ll probably get some version of a “no comment” along with a grin or a chuckle. But apparently if you ask Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev while he thinks his microphone is off, you get something else entirely.


Look which star will make a surprising return for Spider-Man 2

We still have a long way to go until we actually get to see Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 2, but a new bit of casting news has revealed that a certain somebody will be making a surprising return. Spoilers ahead!


VIDEO: What if Game of Thrones was on The CW instead of HBO?

Seriously, it’s a good thing that the hit fantasy series Game of Thrones is on HBO. We’ve got drama, explosions, dismemberments, boobies (we’re still waiting for more male boobies, BTW) and more. Can you imagine if the show had been on The CW instead? Well, now you can do more than just imagine. And it’s pretty darn funny.