5/15/17 – Knock Knock


Knock Knock..Whoes Their??..
Creppy House…Creppy House Who
Make sure you have The Doctor if u go to one


oh Yeah and Blade Runner 2049 :>)

It’s Times for The Elite Force Podcast

On This Episode: (May 15th 2017)
.At the Start of the Show Ashley marks out at the coolness
that is The Blade Runner 2049 Trailer
.Doctor Who Season Continues as Walkie and Ashley
Review the Last Weeks Doctor Who Episode “Knock Knock”
.The Gang talk about the Lastest for whos in the runnung for the
13th Doctor
.The title for the sequel to Edge of Tomorrow is Live Die Repeat and Repeat
.Fan Reaction to Prometheus Helped Bring Back the Xenomorph in Alien: Covenant
.Judge Dredd coming to TV with live action series
.Torchwood Series 5 is Happening, But As An Audio Drama
.The Gang reads a E-mail from Long time Listern Ross

All This On The Elite Force Podcast

A Special thank you goes out to David Lowe aka Uncle Art for allow us the use the Music
(Just Another Mission The Theme from ‘Carrier Command) in the EFP Intro

Check out www.uncleartretrogaming.com to check out all the other great music

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