5/7/17 – A New Beginning


The Elite Force Podcast enters into a new era

as Walkie welcomes a New Perminent Co-Host in Ashley Richardson.
and in their 1st Episode as The New Team kick things off with
The Return of the Guardians to a Fish Moster under the Ice

Just another day at the offices of EFP

It’s Times for The Elite Force Podcast

On This Episode: (May 7th 2017)
.Walkie and Ashley Review Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2
.Ridley Scott Says Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Movie Is Dead
.Doctor Who Season Continues as Walkie and Ashley
Review the Last Weeks Doctor Who Episode “Thin Ice”

.The BBC is making a War of the Worlds set in the Victorian
.Gears of War film acquires writer of Avatar sequels
.The Gang reads a a message from long time listener Admiral Q

All This On The Elite Force Podcast

A Special thank you goes out to David Lowe aka Uncle Art for allow us the use the Music
(Just Another Mission The Theme from ‘Carrier Command) in the EFP Intro

Check out www.uncleartretrogaming.com to check out all the other great music

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