Note From Walkie

Hey Gang
Well i whated to Post this before i post the next Episode
of The Elite Force Podcast cause their is a few Announcements
to make. It’s a End of a Era but the start of a New one

1st. The New EFP Episode that i will post later Tonight will
be Mindwipe Last EFP as the my Co-Host as Phill is
Living The Show as he has real life stuff going on.
words can’t fully put into place how greatfull i am to Phill for
his commitment that he gave to the Podcast the last 6 1/2 Years
from his on the air work and Behind the scenes work and Helping me from website, and Audio work. he has been a great partner and not only a great friend but my best friend.
I remember back in 2010 when i made the
Living The Show as he has real life stuff going reply Good Luck with that knowing Phills reputation that his Character Mindwipe has in the past. i knew then that it would work out and boy 6 1/2 Years later it has. Don’t get me wrong this is not good buy but see you later as phill will back on the show from time to time.

2nd.However i will not be alone for Long as EFP will be entering into a new era as Ashley Richardson is joining the Elite Force Podcast as my Co-Host. Ash have all way brought a good incite into the world of Sci-Fi and has brought great EFP Moments in the past and i look forward to where this Next Chapter in the Elite Force Podcast will take me and ash

Well thats about that
Look for the Next EFP Audio Verson Tonight and the Video Tommorow

Thanks Gang


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