2/19/17 – A DC Trainwreck


The DCEU is off to a Rough Start.
and with the justice league around the corner
you think it might get better..

Well….Let the trainwreck begain

It’s Time For The Elite Force Podcast

On This Episode: (February 19th 2017)
.Ben Affleck reportedly no longer wants to be The Dark Knight
.The Batman: Director Matt Reeves Exits Negotiations After Talks Break Down
.Mel Gibson Acknowledges He’s on ‘First Date’ With DCEU
.Possible Last Jedi plot details echo The Empire Strikes Back
.Star Trek: Discovery beams up three new Starfleet officers
.Walkie reads a Message from Admiral Q
.In Late Breaking News Walkie reads a News Stoy title
“Why a female Doctor Who won’t work and why it’s probably your fault”
.Also the EFP Short News Returns as Walkie and Mindwipe cover
Adam Nimoy’s Deep Space Nine documentary fully crowdfunded in one day
First peek at Poe, Rey and Finn in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

All This On The Elite Force Podcast

Ben Affleck reportedly no longer wants to be The Dark Knight

A Special thank you goes out to David Lowe aka Uncle Art for allow us the use the Music
(Just Another Mission The Theme from ‘Carrier Command) in the EFP Intro

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