New Addation to the EFP Site

From Walkie

Hey everyone

2017 when it comes to the Elite Force Podcast has had the theme of Changes.
from a new Logo to a New theme tune and with EFP moving closer to going Live.

You also saw some changes to This Site
one big this is the start of the EFP News here on the Main page of

Here you will see news story that will be cover on the podcast and even EFP Videos from the EFP Episode Raw Video to EFP Moments and Outakes Vids.

Another that I’m looking forward that you fine is called the EFP Classics

in a few months the Elite Force Podcast will enter its 9th years of being on the air (it’s wild to think it’s been that long this Podcast been going) and with over 460 Episodes EFP Classics will revisited some of the moments from the past and where you can listen to them via the soundcloud player
or download them via the Episodes page.

That’s about it
Again thanks for Visting this page and hope you have a Great day and see you all this weekend on the Next EFP


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