1/22/17 – The Great Boycott


( Part 1 / Part 2 )

The Saga of the CBS/Paramount v Axanar is coming to a End.
but when you think a logical settlement could come.
The future of Star Trek Fan Films is now in doubt

Let The Boycott begin

It’s Time For The Elite Force Podcast

On This Episode: (January 22nd 2017)
.Walkie and Mindwipe goes full rage mode over the CBS/Paramount v Axanar settlement
.Rumor of the Day: Cruise, Reynolds and more up for Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Corps
.Terminator getting a reboot from James Cameron, Deadpool’s Tim Miller
.also the Gang reads a Message from Loge time listener Admiral Q
.Also Round ah $&# I give up of Walkie vs. His Laptop Happen as Errors galore
.The EFP Short News Returns as Walkie talks about
Walkie reviews the 2nd Trailer from both Power Rangers and Logan

All This On The Elite Force Podcast

A Special thank you goes out to David Lowe aka Uncle Art for allow us the use the Music
(Just Another Mission The Theme from ‘Carrier Command) in the EFP Intri

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