12/31/16 – A New Years Spectacular


It’s The Season Finale of the 2016 Elite Force Podcast Season.
and A New Year is Upon us.
But watch out as the TARDIS and a Superhero is coming.
But make sure that you don’t wake up about 90 Years too Early.

it’s Time for The Elite Force Podcast
2016 Season Finale as Walkie, Mindwipe
and Ashley are ready for a New Years Party

On This Episode: (December 31st 2016)
.Doctor Who Season is Back as the Gang Review The Return of Doctor Mysterio
.Mindwipe Reviews the New Big Finish Audio Dramas Terrahawks
.Walkie and Ashley Reviews The movie Passengers
.Also The Gang Look Back at the Past Year from of the News Story to Their Favorite and less
Favorite Films and Tv Shows and Pay Turbute to Sci-Fi Greats that we Lost from this Pass Year
. Also we Catch up on other News in the EFp Short News
Rumor of the Day: Megan Fox to play Poison Ivy in Gotham City Sirens?
Jesse Eisenberg officially bringing his loopy Lex Luthor back for Justice League
.Before Ending the Episode Walkie Made an Announcement on some things to look forward to in 2017
when it come to The Elite Force Podcast

All This on the over 5 Hour Season Finale of the Elite Force Podcast
we wish you a Happy New Year

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